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Hands stuffed in the pockets of her light coat, ignoring the chill night wind easily enough as she warms herself with light every now and then, Alison waits for the newest student to arrive - the phone call received earlier leaving no doubt in her mind that being there and outside at the time would be for the best for all involved.

Clarice pouts in the backseat as her father's car pulled up to front of the "school". Her parents had told her that morning that she was being sent to a boarding school for mutants and she was certain it was going to be hell.

"Well, we're here," her father, states. "Behave."

Clarice rolls her eyes, wondering if he can be less emotional. "Whatever," she says, climbing out of the car to get her bags. Her parents may not want her around, but that didn't mean that she wanted to be their prisoner forever.

Alison stared, dimming the light and then banishing it entirely as the car rolled into the view, the occupants practically exuding tenseness as soon as it crosses the gates leading into the main entryway. "Oooh, boy," she muttered to herself, before plastering a welcoming smile on her face.

"Call once a week, okay?" her mother instructs, hugging her daughter quickly as if touching her would make her a mutant, but feeling it necessary to show that she still loved her.

Clarice just hefts her duffel bag onto her shoulder and picked up another suitcase, walking towards the blonde woman. Great first impression, she thought, sending the normal looking woman to greet the new freak.

Alison watched as the woman scooted back into the car hastily, waiting until the car had started driving off before letting out another pulse of light to warm herself. The scowl etched on Clarice's face certainly didn't seem to bode well. "Welcome to the school, Clarice," she offered a hand out to help her with the suitcase.

Clarice just looked at her for a minute before relinquishing the heavy suitcase. Her life was in these two bags and she was reluctant to release them to anyone. "Hi."

Yep. Less than thrilled to be here, which was understandable considering how... hasty her parents had been to drop her off then run for it. She extended some of the glow to Clarice, keeping her warm while they chatted outside for a moment - giving the girl time to adapt before stepping into her "new life" in the mansion. "We're glad to have you here. It's a bit late for the grand tour, but I can show you around the grounds tomorrow, unless your roommate or another of the students hijack the honor."

"Roommate?" Clarice repeats, unsure of this new development. Her parents hadn't been forthcoming on the details of her new school, but she had never considered a roommate and this place looked huge. "There are that many students?"

Interest! That was a good thing. "Yes, there are - makes organizing large group outings a challenge, but it's nothing we haven't dealt with before." She paused, and then ventures further information. "We've got a fairly flexible study system and curriculum as well, in which each students builds his or her own schedule. Lets you pick studies pertinent to what you want to graduate in, specifically."

"I don't just get a diploma like everyone else?" she asks, shifting her duffel bag slightly, it was beginning to cut into her shoulder.

"Ooh, you get a diploma, that'll be considered more than acceptable for any university you want to apply to, in fact." Questions were being asked and the scowling had abated some. "Why don't we step inside and keep talking there? You can set your bag down there too." Alison smiled pleasantly, head tilted towards the double doors of the main entrance.

Clarice followed the perky blonde woman wondering where she had seen her. She knew she had somewhere and it was beginning to bother her more than being at this school. "Lead on, MacBlaire," she said, hoping her guess was right.

Alison laughed as she opened the door, shooting an amused look over her shoulder at Clarice - more than used to the puzzled 'seen her somewhere' look. "Yep, I'd be Alison Blaire," she swung the door wide open, letting Clarice step inside first, "and welcome to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters!"

She dropped her duffel on the floor of the great entry hall, shocked by it's size and the Christmas decorations. She turned to Alison, eyes wide. "Shit. I was trying to forget about Christmas. I didn't know to get anything."

She realized a moment later that she hadn't even known about the school until a few hours earlier and hadn't been expected to get gifts for anyone, but she felt bad about showing up on Christmas Eve without anything. Christmas this year had been a non-event in her life, although apparently her family had known about her leaving since they all gave her gift cards to various stores instead of taking the time to buy her real presents. She stopped smiling.

A sidelong look towards the steps where Miles lurked proved that he hadn't overheard Clarice cursing - that or he wasn't reacting, having heard far worse before, after all. Alison let it slide for now, not particular worried considering the way Clarice had been dumped at the doorstep of the school. "No worries about the gifts, kiddo," Alison reached out, patting her on the shoulder gently. "It'll be just fine."

"Miles can come say hello?" a voice piped up from the stairway, a little green face peeking through the bars of the ramp in curiosity.

Her eyes widened in surprise as the little green boy trotted towards Alison, hugging her legs protectively as he looked up at Clarice. She'd never thought that there were little green boys, although she reflected, if there could be purple girls then green boys weren't much more difficult to believe.

Alison had carefully taken a few steps away from Clarice, giving Miles the distance he needed to be able to go near her, without affecting the newcomer. "It's ok, hon, her power's trigger based." With that reassurance, Miles smiled up at Clarice shyly, because if nothing else - she was a different color than most people too.

"Miles think purple is a pretty color," he offers, before hiding his face on Alison's leg.

Clarice squats down so she was eye level with the little boy, "Yeah?" she replied, unsure what to say. She had liked purple too, once. "Well, I like green." She figured it was a good compromise, truthful without being quite so.

"I'm Clarice," she said as she pulled her Evil Hello Kitty hat off, revealing a long, messy purple coloured braid down her back.

A slow smile dawned on Miles face, and he reached out to tap her nose ever so lightly, eyes crinkling as he giggled, sneaking a look up at Alison and earning himself an amused grin in return.

"Miles think Clarice have very good taste too," he replied, nodding solemnly. "And pretty hair."

"Indeed she does," Alison murmured, giving Clarice a quiet smile. "Do have any other questions you'd like answered for now, or would you rather get settled in first?"

"Um...I don't want to bother people on Christmas," Clarice murmured, not really sure about what she meant, but knowing it was probably important that she try to explain how she felt.

"Well, there's a fair number of students who stayed over the holidays, including some whose families elected to come over here to celebrate. It'll probably bother most if you don't show up and get introduced properly, more than anything else. Your roommates have been asking me questions about you, even with the short notice." Not avoiding why she was here, but not being unkind about it either.

Miles tugged at Alison's arm, giving her a stern look. "Hank asked Miles to tell Alison has to be downstairs soon to be ready to be Santa's elf!"

Clarice nodded, "If you could point me towards my room first?"

Miles darted towards the steps, followed by Alison who picked up the suitcase firmly before Clarice could make any move towards it. "Of course I can, right this way. I'll let you talk with the girls a bit while you settle in - they'll be eager to show you around, I'm pretty sure."

Clarice nodded again, trying not to trip over Miles. They hadn't tried to burn her at the stake yet or force her into some terrorist training camp. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Hefting her duffel bag, she followed the duo up the stairs.

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Aw, bugger. I'd hoped they'd forgotten about the elf thing.


...yes, I think that's about it.

(who is she rooming with again?)


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