Mar. 5th, 2017

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Duncan contacts Kane with a back channel call for help with a situation that is tremendously dangerous. The X-Men are literally asked to be the main line of defense for SHIELD against their own Avengers.

You must be fucking kidding me. )
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Synch and Marvel Girl take the lead against Falcon and Vision as they emerge from the wake of the Quinjet

You go for Falcon. I'll take Red, )
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Sub-mariner and Firestar get the first look at the Iron-Men; Iron-Man and War Machine.

You cannot run, tin man! )
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Jean comes in to try and support the fight against the Hulk with Rogue.

We can't keep doing this, )
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Bevatron and Bruiser are thrown into the fray together as Thor returns from his Blink related trip.

I think Thor is playing hide and seek with me. )


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