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The kids gather to start Stephen’s newly acquired game. And things get a little… creepy. And crawly.

"Alright," Stephen set the cards down on the table his fingers flicking the cards round and round mixing the pack as he shuffled the cards, "I just wanna point out that this game was entirely Clea's idea and not mine. So if it turns out badly blame her, if it turns out ok, then it was all my idea and I'll take all the credit," he teased with a smile.

Clea pouted at Steve, "But look at the cards. How can this not be a fun game. Plus, you bought the cards." Sticking her tongue out at him before going over the rules with everyone.

Xavin laughed quietly and tapped their cards against the table. "C'mon. Who starts? Uh! No! Do not touch the rule book again!" They tugged it away. "We've gone over the rules already."

"I'll start," said Maya.

She'd been listening quietly as Clea read the rules, figuring if she was going to be invited to something, she might as well be polite enough to listen.

"I just put a weapon card down, right?"

"Nope!" Alison chirped. She loved card games, and judging by the weapons in her hand this game was gonna be hysterical. "Not yet, at least. First, someone's gotta flip over a spider, like this."

She rocked forward so that she could reach the face down 'spiders in house' cards, and flipped one over. "Huh," she said looking at it. "'Hairstylists always nail it'?" she read. "I mean, I guess they-- What the HELL?!" She dropped the card as if it burned her.

And that's about when things went... sideways.

Clea gasp slightly as she felt something on the wards on around the mansion. "What was that?" She whispered and looked over at the window. It was in that moment she felt like something was crawling on her and looked down to see a spider on her hand. Clea screamed suddenly and brushed it away before scrambling away, shaking. "Kill it! Kill it!"

Stephen blinked in surprise as Clea, well freaked out, brushing the spider away from her gently as he shook his head. It's just a little spider, nothing to worry about." Even as she started speaking Stephen's voice trailed off and his eyes opened wide as he swallowed nervously. "Ummm....he's not a problem...they might be."

There was a spider on Xavin's arm. "Get it off me! Get it off me. Get it off me." Xavin swatted at their arms, dislodging the spider with a shudder and staring around with wide eyes. Spiders. Oh god.

"Calm down," Maya replied, standing from her sitting position only to squish a somewhat clock sized spider under her shoe. She felt...removed, as if emotion had been pushed to the side in favor of action. She'd felt it before in situations that she was under threat. "You need to get ready to fight."
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