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It's a normal Sunday - except for one thing. Or maybe, since it's Xavier's, it is normal.

It might have been summer vacation, but that fact hadn't apparently reached Monica as she sat in her suite's 'living room'. She was reading, of all things, a book on the electromagnetic spectrum, frowning slightly as she worked her way through the technical language. She was vaguely aware that a few of her classmates were playing some kind of card game somewhere, but otherwise she was completely oblivious.

Rahne, on the other hand, had all but turned wild summer child the moment school had ended. The summers in America were nothing like the summers back home, in both climate and the strictness of the house she was living in. The stack of summer reading that was on her list had been pushed to the side today in favor of the pool. She was just outside the opened door to their suite - slightly pinker than how she had left it - when she stopped and squinted at something a few suites down.

Was that ... a spider the size of a small, yappy dog? Rahne blinked but it was still there. She took a deep breath and got a noseful of something weird and not right. But it didn't smell like a spider though she really had no idea what a giant spider would smell like, did she?

And then the mysterious giant spider turned and spotted her. It hissed softly, waved several front legs and charged.

Letting out a near silent yelp in surprise, she turned on her heel and bolted, pool items flying, as the spider galloped after her past the open door.

Nica put down her book and looked towards the open doorway, confused. Had that been Rahne? Running from something? She pulled herself out of the comfy chair and headed for the hall, instinctively activating her powers and going 'ghost' as she called it.

Just down the hall, a broom had been propped against the wall and Rahne scooped it up as she ran by before sliding to a halt in the hall. Tightening her grip, she turned and glared as the spider came to a halt as well.

"All right, ye bugger, lets try that again," she said and waved the broom at it, gave a short battle cry and charged.

One broken hallway lamp later, the spider scampered back past the suite with Rahne in hot pursuit, broom held high over her head. It had managed to get a bit of a head start on her after breaking that lamp and she was not happy. "Seriously, stop running so fast so I can hit ... oh!"

In her haste to stop, she tripped over both feet and landed on her knees. Right in front of the original spider and apparently an older, bigger brother.

They both hissed and waved legs at her, the smaller one managing to look rather smug for a spider.

"Oh bloody hell, ye've got to be kidding me!"

Nica jerked back as the pair ran past, even though neither would have been able to touch her. "Uh, Rahne..." she began as the other girl disappeared around the corner in hot pursuit of something black and fuzzy with entirely too many legs to be a cat.

All that GenX training was paying off, at least, as Rahne scrambled back to her feet and ran back the way she'd come - again - broom still clutched tightly, if a little uselessly, in her hands. She sped past a confused looking Nica but couldn't bring herself to stop as now both spiders were running after her and she had no idea if spiders even ate wolves ... wait. Wait a minute.

"Rahne Sinclair, yer a mutant! Stop running and do something mutant-y!" she muttered under her breath, throwing the broom over her head in hopes of maybe slowing them down.

Not that it mattered as she turned around, a little winded, and bared her teeth. The growl started low in her throat, rumbling through her chest, but it was loud enough that the spiders started to slow, suddenly uncertain about their tasty dinner. The little spider flailed it's limbs at her aggressively right until she lept, clothes shredded as she transformed mid-leap.

Two spiders sped by the open door to the suite, following closely by a giant wolf thundering down the hall, jaws snapping.

This time Nica actively leapt backwards, back into the suite. Giant spiders? The fuck? There was a tremendous clattering and banging going on in the direction Rahne had disappeared to and Nica was just in the process of summoning up the nerve to go help when her classmate reappeared.

Once again Rahne appeared around the corner though moving at a much more sedate trot, no longer being chased by anything. Though she still wasn't alone because she held the smaller spider firmly in her jaws. It was limp due to being very, very dead, though she gave it one last shake before she reached her suitemate just in case

She sat on her haunches and swiveled her ears at Nica, spider bits dropping to the ground.

For a moment Nica found herself wanting to pat Rahne on the head and tell her what a good wolfy she was. But that was definitely not how you treated your team mates, even if they were furry and cute in a "I can bite your face off" kind of way. So instead she focussed on the spider. "Ew. That is so very not normal. Even for here. Unless there's mutant spiders?" She shook her head as if to chase away the random. "Are there more of these things?"

Rahne carefully spat out the spider so that it wouldn't splatter or land on Nica. There was no taste, only a slightly tingly sensation which didn't seem normal. Then again - there was nothing normal in their lives. Take the giant spider for example.

She nodded and gestured down the hall with her head. The bigger one had gotten away and from the sounds Rahne was picking up from throughout the mansion, there were more than the ones she'd been chasing down. Yipping and jumping to her feet, she danced in a circle, before facing the direction she'd just come from. She was trying to say 'lets hunt!' in a way that didn't require her to change back into a person and get dressed.

Fortunately, they'd been training in Generation X long enough that Nica understood what she was getting at. "So much for a quiet vacation, huh?" she said wryly. "All right, let's go on a bug hunt."
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