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The kids fight off spiders, and Amanda and Topaz arrive to help.

It was like a scene out of a horror movie - large, horrifying spiders, with far too many furry legs and large black eyes, baring down on the teens and crawling all over the crowded suite.

Xavin screamed and leaped back. Back was away from the spiders. Back was... closer to other spiders. Screamed again, with a whimpering sound and swatted at arms and legs. "What the fuck?"

"Spiders...why did it have to be spiders? Why couldn't it be butterflies or something cute..." Clea whispered looking paler than usual. One of the spiders started to approach as Clea moved back. "I am going to die..."

"Not if I kill them first!" Alison, who had grabbed the closest large, heavy thing (a rather large and probably at least vaguely magical book), had sprung forwards with a rather manic gleam in her eye. "Get back here," she screamed, chasing a particularly quick spider across the room. The loud THUD of books repeatedly slamming into solid surfaces echoed through the room regularly.

"Don't you run from me, you son of a bitch! I am Alison Motherfucking Blaire and I will not be made a fool of by spiders!" THUMP "These cards are the least of your goddamn problems! Your problem right now is a pissed off redhead with daddy issues as the smallest of her mental problems! Now stand still and let me kill you!" THWACK.

Stephen blinked, a little taken aback by the fury displayed the petite redhead as the spiders advanced like an endless plague over the walls, the furniture, and the carpets swarming with the furry eight-legged monsters. The teenager had given up the ghost of restraint, weaving his hands through the air as he called on offensive spell after offensive spell tossing the magic around profligately leaving the dead and broken husks piled up. Yet still, they came. "You think Amanda will get too mad at us?"

"No, she'll be so happy that we're not all dead that she'll hold a parade in your honor," Maya said, dodging a jumping spider before kicking it against the wall with a sharp turn. "Just keep squishing. Maybe they'll have all gone out or something and we can pretend none of this happened."

There was a rumble, reminiscent of the sound of a subway underground and then a blast of wind burst into the room - it was hot and vaguely metallic, smelling of dust and sweat and old fast food. The wind hurled the spiders into the other side of the room, temporarily giving the beset teens a break. Amanda walked into the room, followed by Topaz. Both were looking rather the worse for wear, and Amanda was distinctly Not Happy.

"Topaz, bubble up," she said briefly, glancing over the students to make sure they were okay.

"Budge up," Topaz announced, grabbing Clea and pulling her in close to the rest of the group before a golden bubble shimmered to life around everyone, safely shielding them from the spiders. Or trapping them, really. But it was best not to think of it that way. She really didn't envy whoever was responsible for this. "Everyone alright?"

"I am sorry. I always seem to call you when we are in trouble." Clea looked at her teacher and idol. "But I swear this isn't our fault. Just a normal game of cards and then the spiders appeared." Looking over at Amanda, "I swear it." The look on her teachers face made her spirits sink a little.

Stephen glanced over at the redhead, shaking his head as he saw her downfallen face infront of the older magic users. With a flick of his wrists, he loosed his last spell before Topaz's bubble enclosed them all and he turned to face them. "We're ok," he assured her, "Though I pity the spiders more than anything the way Allison was going at them." There was an inarticulate scream of rage and another few heavy THUMPS from Alison's general direction. He flashed the other teen a grin before glancing back at Amanda, "What happened, is this some kinda spider demon invasion?"

"No demons, just spiders. Lots and lots of spiders of all sizes," Amanda replied, glancing down at the card game. "And you two can relax, I know it's not you - signature's all wrong." She crouched down and poked gingerly at one of the cards. "Where did this come from?"

"A shop in town, kinda old place really creepy owner dude," Stephen reported, "We were going to the mall and well it looked interesting, it had all these games there so we figured why not give it a look, there might be something interesting in there and came across the spiders. It didn't feel magic."

"Probably activated when you started fussing with them," Topaz said, peeking over Amanda's head at the cards. "Like that bloody staff. I'm guessing it's not just dumb luck you two found it."

"Can we move on to the point where you fix it and I can go make myself some hot chocolate?" Maya asked, so done with the question and answer hour. "You're the experts right? Well, expert."

Topaz raised an eyebrow at Maya before looking back at Amanda. "What do you think? Easy fix?"

Amanda stood up from her examination of the cards and shook her head. She deliberately avoided looking at Maya, in case she gave in to the urge to throw the brat out of the bubble and let her find for herself. "No such luck," she said to the other teens and Topaz. "There's no stopping this in mid-spell. You'll have to finish the game, I'm afraid."

"You know, I don't like the freaking spiders either, Maya!" They were blurs, skittering in and out of focus on the other side of the bubble. There was one right above Xavin's face, and it shimmered into focus for a moment, the reflection of the trapped players visible in its eyes. "But apparently, we have to stay, because magic is stupid and so just suck it up and like, maybe think it through, instead of just being a bitch at Amanda again. We're in here. No spiders in here. Spiders out there. Lots of them. Sit your stupid ass down, shut the fuck up and play this stupid game so the spiders go away or, leave. Take your chance with the spiders. We don't care."

Maya raised her eyebrows at Xavin, the icy calm that had descended since the spiders appeared continuing to fill her with a strange detachment. People were messy. When she was near them, she was messy too. Spiders were easy to fight. Everything in here was not.

She stared at Xavin, not looking away as she stepped backward toward the edge of the circle.

"Thank you, Xavin. For making my choices so clear to me."

"Calm down, you lot. No-one's going anywhere." Amanda cut in before Maya could leave the safety of the bubble. "As much as I hate to say, we need all of you here. Same group that started the game has to finish. Otherwise, things will get a lot worse. And they're already bad enough - the creepy crawlies are already all over the mansion. I'd rather not have them get any further."

"Let's just get it over with," Maya replied with a sigh, moving back to sit where she'd started the game, glancing around at the others. "Maybe this week?"

Stephen nodded, bending over to grab his cards, his eyes flicking through them as he shook his head, "You know my sister and I used to play at Jumanji, she's gonna die when I tell her I lived through it."

"You haven't lived through it yet, you know," Alison said as she walked back to the play area and dropping a thoroughly worse-for-wear book by his feet. It was still covered in spider ecto-whatever-the-stupid-things-explode-into-when-smashed and looked slightly dinged up. Probably from where she'd been slamming it against the magic barricade in an attempt to get through and back to smashing.

She sat down, leaning her head against a palm and grabbing her cards with her other hand. "Let's get this over with."

These people never let her have any fun anymore!

While the kids settled in, Topaz sat down, getting comfortable, and watched the spiders milling about just on the other side of her bubble.

This was going to take a while.


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