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Alex comes home to find spiders, and only has a helmet to defend himself. Thankfully, he lives in a house of superheroes and Kane is close by.

"Die, die, DIE!"

If someone had asked Alex that morning, "what's the best weapon to use against giant spiders?' his answer would not have been his bike helmet. But it seemed to be serving him pretty well as he repeatedly slammed it down on spiders. He'd just walked into the entrance hall when the spiders had appeared, and his helmet was all he had on him. Between that and repeatedly stomping, he seemed to be getting somewhere.

"You really don't want to be here." Kane dropped down as a spider the size of a VW minibus scrambled into view. The fangs were the size of his helmet and it leapt towards Alex with a predators instinct. The Canadian grabbed it by one leg and tore it clear from the body. The multitude of eyes swiveled towards him, but he crushed his retractable baton into the centre of them, deforming the monster's head.

"I really don't want to be here, to be fair."

"What, you don't like fighting giant fucking spiders?" The curse was punctuated by another blow with his helmet to another spider's head. The spider didn't seem at all perturbed, so he just brought his foot down on the head instead. "Besides, you got to make an epic hero entrance. It's not all bad."

"Shut up, Surfer Boi." Kane ripped the head off of one of the ones closest and then opened the closet. He pulled out an aluminium baseball bat and tossed it to Alex.

"Upgrade, motherfucker."

Alex caught the bat and put the helmet on his head in one swift motion.. "Hell yeah." He whipped around, hitting the closest spider like he was swinging to hit a baseball. Home run, for sure.

Kane ripped the heads off of two others, tossing them to one side. "So. um, why the fuck are we dealing with this?"

"Well, I dunno about you," Alex said as he swung around, hitting another spider. This one was apparently more durable, because it wasn't nearly as deterred. "But I quite like not being eaten by giant spiders and since the door is blocked," he swung again and hurriedly backed away, "this seems like the best way to continue not being a spider's meal."

"I feel like I'm in a bad level in a JRPG." Kane caught one that was trying to sink his fangs in Alex. He ripped the teeth and legs from it and tossed it to the corner.

"Maybe someone accidentally trapped the mansion in a video game." Alex brought the bat down hard on the head of an approaching spider, and winced at the gross squelching noise this one made. "Eugh."

There was a hiss and a spider the size of a bus suddenly dropped in front of them. Kane pushed Alex behind him. "Oh crap."

Alex paled, the bat still held up like he was ready to fight. "This... this is not how I thought I would die."

"Get behind me." Kane backed up as the hissing spider pushed forward.

"No arguments here," Alex said as he swung the bat at the other spiders surrounding them. The little foot soldiers, compared to the great big son of a bitch bearing down on them.

"Oh hell." The big spider charged. Kane buttrushed him hard, crashing into him. He pushed him back out, but the power of his rush checked Kane.

'i could use some help!"

"Um!" Alex looked at the baseball bat, then back at the spider. "Aw fuck." He threw the bat aside, and rings of energy began forming around body. "Hit the deck!" He yelled, trying desperately to focus the energy toward the spider. He felt the energy creeping down his arms and threw them out at the last minute. The energy blasted out, hitting the spider and throwing it into a wall. Alex stared, slack-jawed.


"OK... that's... interesting. Also-" Kane paused as he grabbed one of what he was mentally calling leapers and crushed it against the floor. "If you could do that before, why haven't you?"

Alex dove for the bat again, grabbing it and swinging at another spider. "Didn't know I could." He was still slightly stunned. "I um... I might have to look into that if I live through this."

"No kidding. We can't stay in the open like this. Follow me." Kane stomped a couple of spiders charging them, streaking their guts behind his footsteps as he made for the elevator. Down in the secure levels, they could figure out what was happening.

"You're the boss!" Alex said as he hurried after Kane, swinging the bat the entire way.


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