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When Molly and Sooraya are accosted by a giant spider, Molly end up trying to tame it... 

"Hey Molly." Sooraya greeted as she spotted the young woman in the foyer as she descended from the stairs. "Heading out for the afternoon?" 

Molly skidded to a stop. "Yep!" she said. She was lugging a backpack and wore a dark grey AC/DC shirt, dark purple jeans, and red converse sneakers. 

"Some of the townies are having a gameathon so I was gonna go check it out. You?" 

Sooraya returned her smile. "No, I just came home from the city, so I'm gonna make myself some food and spend a quiet time on the couch with a funny movie. Angel has been after me to watch Minions yet again, but I'm aiming for something else." 

"Oh?" Molly said curiously. "Whacha in the mood for? Like...action?" She got into a karate stance for a moment to illustrate. "Or like...scifi? Or mystery?" 

"One of my old favorites... Sister Act. The movie might be 25 years old, but I enjoy it every time again." Sooraya explained with a smile. "You know, the one with Whoopi Goldberg." 

Molly blinked with confusion. "Um...nope, not really," she admitted. She grinned. "That person's got best name though!" 

"Drop by sometime and I'll borrow you the dvd--what is that?!?" Sooraya jumped back as a hand sized spider suddenly scurried over her shoes. It was soon followed by three of it's mates. "Spiders?!?!?" 

Squinting, Molly crouched down to get a closer look. "I don't remember there being spiders this big on Earth. This doesn't seem...." 

A shadow behind Sooraya had drawn her attention and she slowly rose to find a giant spider, towering over the other woman. 


A huge grin spread across Molly's face. 

"I call dibs!" 

Sooraya twisted around and her eyes widened as she caught a giant spider looming over her. "What are you planning?" She called out as she put the spider and Molly's huge grin together. "Never mind... have at it. I'll take care of those!" She had caught sight of his time not hand sized spiders, but spiders that came up to her knee coming down the stairs. 

Molly started to back away from the giant spider...back and back and back and back. Suddenly, she took off running, then used a nearby wall to kick off of and landed on the spider's back. 

"Maybe we should get 'em outside so they don't break the professor's stuff?" she said. The spider did not take kindly to Molly being on its back, and immediately moved like a bucking bronco, skittering up and down while Molly held on. 


"And of course she'd try to tame it." Sooraya sighed to herself, then dissolved into her sand form, pulling her herself together in her sandman form at the door. She pushed open both doors wide open, then reformed a part of herself into a long whip. Carefully taking position, she lashed out at the large spider in the hope of driving it out to the front lawn. 

Molly grabbed onto the giant spider's kinda giant hairs. "Whoa, spidey!" she said as Sooraya got the doors open. 

"Let's go this way, okay Georg?" she said, trying to nuzzle it in the proper direction like she did a few beasts she'd ridden while out with Sif. 

Except Georg didn't listen to her, and started to climb UP the wall, making Molly's hair hang down over her head. 

"Dude, this is AWESOME! But totally not what I wanted!" 

Sooraya soared upwards, this time in her cloud form. She blocked off the big spider's path, spreading out to form a wide, yet strong wall of sand. The spider seemed to bump into her a few times, before it started moving sideways. 

She stayed in front of the spider though, directing and redirecting it till it seemed to start it's way down. 

The spider seemed almost annoyed, but Molly was no longer upside down, so she was pretty happy about that. 

"Thanks, D!" she said, grinning, before turning her attention back to the spider. "Alright, get along giant spider!" she said, gently kicking the sides of the spider. "Let's mosey on out." 

If she'd known it was spider-riding day she would've gotten her cowboy hat. Maybe she could go back and get--- 

Okay, probably a bad idea. 

The spider seemed spurred by her kicking and actually started to do what she asked. Of course, it was about 3 times bigger than the door.... 

Once more Sooraya formed the whips, diving between the stables and the spider. She'd rather not see what the spider would do to the innocent horses and single moose that were living in there. Stinging lashes drove the creature in a different direction, away from any buildings or other features it could damage. Molly could further try to tame it there, if she succeeded. 

The spider moved away from the whips of sand, continuing to buck a little as it made it's way toward the side of the house. 

"Whoa," Molly said, realizing what it was gonna do at the last minute. "Hold on there, Georg!" 

She was tempted to jump off but she didn't know where the spider was going to go and she didn't want it to get into town and start freaking out the townies. Then she'd never get invited back to the gameathon. 

"Man, I wish I had some rope!" she said, even as the spider started to head down the driveway. She tried to yank on it's little spider hairs to get it to stop. "You okay, D?" 

A part of the sand cloud formed a picture of a frowny emoticon with a sad mouth just before Sooraya rose and dove again, this time blocking of the spider's path into the town. Freaked out people in town were something she didn't want. A slender tendril hovered in front of Molly's face, spelling out 'Lake?' 

Molly frowned. "Wha? No! He's gonna be my new spider-buddy." 

Somehow. She could learn how to tame a spider. 

The tendril changed shape, Sooraya still keeping the spider away from the wall. This time it spelled out "Where?" 

Molly made a face. "I dunno. I haven't thought that far ahead!" she said, grabbing on tightly as George suddenly tried to buck again. "Can you find some rope?" 

Rope... where was she supposed to find some rope? Sooraya eyed Molly still struggling to hold on to the beast, then cast around for a solution. She didn't want to leave her alone. 

Finally a solution presented itself when she spotted a laundry line hanging between two poles. A razor sharp tendril sheered through it at both ends and she dropped it in Molly's hands. 

"Yes!" Molly cheered, grabbing the rope to wrap around the spider's...neck? Or at least area where its head and its body were separated. 

"Thanks! I should get it to--" Molly tried maneuvering the spider in the way she wanted but she wound up causing the spider to squish one of the smaller ones. 

"Uh oh!" Or possibly yay! (But probably not from the spider's perspective). 

Sooraya resumed her sand form, folding her arms as she watched Molly's struggle with the spider. Until a smaller spider suddenly appeared and started to climb his bigger brother, clearly aiming for the girl on top. 'Sorry spiders...' Picturing the blades of a blender, she shaped herself in a large one and dove into the crowd of spiders which had suddenly appeared. 

Molly made a face as spider guts started going everywhere, but was kinda too busy with maneuvering Georg toward the boathouse. He'd have to live there for now. 

The large spider struggled and fought, bucking Molly off of it like it were a horse. But because she had the rope, she wound up flying over it's head, clutching onto the rope to keep from falling on reflex. 

"Bad Georg!" 

She was in the middle of trying to climb back on when the spider suddenly disappeared. Trouble was, Molly was near the lake when he did...and she went right in with a splash. 

Sooraya noticed the splash and as the spiders around her had suddenly vanished as well. She floated over to the lake, resuming her human form once more. "You need a hand?" She called out. 

Molly's head bobbed up and down from the water like a buoy. "Yeah..." she said with a deep frown. "I think my phone is toast, though." 

"Probably... come out of the water first though before you worry any more about your phone." Sooraya called, though a smile played around her lips. "Must be more comfortable." 

Making a face, Molly swam for shore, climbing out of the water. "Totally not the way I thought my night was gonna go."

"Same here." Sooraya reached out with a hand and helped to pull Molly back on dry land. "But let's get you inside first." 


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