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The game ends with a bang.

This must have been what zoo animals felt like, Topaz thought as she rested her elbow on her knee and her chin in her hand, watching the spiders mill around just on the other side of her bubble. Every now and again one would stop to try and test the bubble, as if it thought it could break and get through to the tasty-looking humans on the other side.

Topaz shuddered, looking over her shoulder. "How's it going?"

Clea was huddled in a ball focusing exclusively on her cards so she wouldn't see the beady eyes of the spiders that was just outside of the bubble that Topaz had created. It was her turn as she placed a weapon card down. "Okay." She whispered. "My turn is done."

Xavin had hulked out - gone rocky - grown muscles - whatever the term was not actually important right now a while back. The faces of the cards blurred in this form and reduced dexterity made them nearly impossible to handle but also the spiders, if they crossed the barrier would be harmless. Unless there were truck sized ones because physics had decided to stop working because magic spiders because normally insects could only get so big they'd covered it in junior bio a couple of years and spiders weren't insects and and this? was still. Not actually important right now.

Xavin slid the top card to one side. Item. Not weapon. The next was a feat. The third? Weapon. The red border was clear. They slid it across the table.

"Do the spiders eat the loser?" That was muttered out loud.

Alison lazily tossed a card out, letting it spin on the table before it came to a stop. Red border, big number 1 up in the corner. "Teaspoon. Gotta burn it sometime," she said with a shrug, before stacking her cards and turning to glare at the room outside their little bubble, as if hoping to get out and inflict more havoc soon.

Maya placed her own weapon card down, a card called 'sawed off justice' and bearing the picture of a shot gun.

She nodded to the next player, having not spoken since they sat back down to play.

Stephen's lips pressed together as he examined the cards arrayed out before him as he selected his weapon card and dropping it down to the table.

"This is...well what now?"

Looking down at her cards before looking at what everyone else put down. She wasn't going to sabotage anyone's cards as she really didn't care who won as long as the game ended. "I am going to modify." She placed a card down that gave her more points than the spider currently in play. Looking around the room, "Xavin..."

Xavin moved their head closer to the cards on the table, tried to squint. Couldn't. So.... unhulk or screw it. The card on the top of the pile would do. Whatever it's blurry face actually did. "Stephen..." The part where Xavin couldn't feel things crawling on their skin in this shape didn't really matter.

Stephen let his eyes flick over the table, counting the cards, the value assigned to them before nodding, "Ok, Maya takes this round, let's move onto the next spider..." His voice trailed off as he looked around the table and gave a small smile, "We're almost there guys just need to keep this up."

Alison glanced down at her last two cards and smiled. Oh yeah, she totally had this. "Alright, let's wrap this up and get out of here. Preferably before everyone kills all the spiders outside and doesn't leave any for me to smash." She patted the book at her side, as if to reassure herself it was still there.

If the swearing and flashes of light - plus some squishing noises - were anything to go by, there were more than enough spiders to go around. Amanda paused, panting, and glanced at Topaz's shielding spell. Something wasn't right. "Topaz, how're things going in there?" she called out, kicking away a spider the size of a corgi away from where it was chewing on her boot.

Topaz felt it too. She frowned, straightening up and looking over her shoulder. "Oh bloody-" she hissed, the curse left unfinished as she dropped her shield before the magical energy slowly beginning to leak out of the cards and swirl in the air around them could overwhelm the bubble. Which of course, left them in the very vulnerable position of being attacked by spiders. "Play fast!" She called, blasting a couple spiders back as they leaped at Clea.

Clea lost it and quickly went into a ball covering her head with her hands. "I pass. I can't do anything else." Her words came out louder than she anticipated.

Maya made an extremely rude gesture in ASL as her mutant power kicked in, moving her out of the line of fire in an instinctive roll. She threw a weapon card at the pile of cards before drop kicking the spider menacing her across the room. She looked around for an actual weapon, but nothing came to mind, she really needed Jennie to show her some improvised weapon drills.

“Worst game ever,” she said, her voice sounding suspiciously like that of the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

Stephen's eyes scanned the cards in his hand as he threw down his own weapon onto the pile spinning around as he gathers power in his hands throwing it out to incinerate two spiders that were clambering towards Clea. "It's not hte worst game ever," she pointed out affably, "At least it's not Jumanji that traps us in the game."

Xavin slapped a spider on their shoulder away and put a card down. Turning, rocky fists began striking at the spiders.

Alison, who had lept up with her book the moment the shield had come down, came back to the group with a wide smile. It was not a nice smile (there were far too many teeth for that). She slammed her card onto the table, clutching her Book of Mass Destruction to her side tightly with the other. "I'm burnin' this place to the ground! Eat it, spiders!"

As soon as the card was down, magic surged through the room, like a wave sweeping over everyone (although only the magically inclined would feel it), and as it went through, the spiders slowly disappeared with a small pop.

And, all throughout the mansion, the spiders continued to disappear, leaving nothing in their wake - save for property damage. And a sudden arachnophobia that might fade with time.

Topaz looked around, taking in the destroyed suite before looking down at the cards on the table.

"So who won?”


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