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Sooraya makes a possible plan for the future with Jean. 

 Jean was wrapped in her work, typing away at her computer in her office in the medlab. Occasionally she stopped to take a sip of tea before another thought struck her and she went back to typing. After a moment, she glanced over to the filing cabinet across the room and it slipped open, the files drifting toward her and landing neatly on the desk before opening. She smiled, scribbled something down on one of the files, then inputted a couple of things with a click of the mouse. 

"Dr. Grey?" Sooraya poked her head around the door. "Any chance you've seen Cece? Is she around? Or you all alone here? It's scary quiet around here." 

Jean had luckily sensed someone coming, lest she be startled. She glanced over with a laugh. "I thought we'd gotten past the whole doc thing," she said, then shook her head. 

"It's just me." She leaned back in her chair, taking the time to stretch. "Cece's off duty. Not sure where she is at the moment, I'm afraid. Is there something I can help you with?" 

"Oh, she was not picking up her phone and I was wondering if she wanted to join me for a movie later on." Sooraya explained easily. "Nothing urgent though. Working on anything interesting?" She nodded at the various files spread out over the table. 

Jean glanced over to where she was nodding, then smiled. "Yeah...It's that project I was working on when we were in X-Corps, the mutant power database. Even though there've been less mutants that come into Claremont, we still get a few with unique powers. I was just making my notes." 

"Oh yeah, I remember hearing that mentioned. You are still working on it?" Sooraya moved closer, taking a seat across the desk. "What do you hope to do with it in the end?" 

"There are plenty of things," Jean said, her smile widening. "We can use the scale as a guide to help potentially teach newly manifested mutants when they come to the school, or when we're out in the field to be able to predict how powers might manifest or against threats. It's already helped me before at Claremont when mutant patients come in," she said. 

She laughed. "Though it feels like playing bingo, sometimes. I want to collect as much data I can." 

"I can see how it would be useful." Sooraya looked thoughtful as she took in the idea and considered it. "From giving an idea of what to expect after manifestation to like you said, threat assessment. What kind of details are you gathering about the various powers? And how have you found it useful already... if you can tell of course. I know there must be privacy issues with the situations from the Claremont." 

"It's a blind study," Jean said. "The names are never mentioned, only aliases or numbers. I get consent before I record anything from Claremont. Only then it's testimony, since we can't exactly ask them to use their powers there." 

She pulled up one of the files on the screen. "I'm trying to get as much as I can when it comes to limits, time and circumstances of original manifestation, variations of the ability, impact of emotion and other factors on the manifestation, and duration of power usage. There are other factors but..." She smiled wryly. "I tend to over plan." 

Sooraya leaned over to study the various data. She had no medical training, but the data was easy to decipher. "You know, this reminds me of a project I started at X-Corps some time before M-Day. It was basically a powers training manual. I started gathering all kinds of exercises people did to gain more control over their powers and tried to focus mostly on the ones that were outside the Danger Room or any other specialized equipment we have here. I hoped that one day it could be used in all kinds of places to help young mutants gain control... But then M-Day happened and it fell to the wayside." 

Jean was quiet a moment, nodding a little. "Maybe...there's a way we can use both to help other people?" 

"You mean I should pick up the project again?" Sooraya's face turned thoughtful. "I would really like that... was always a little sad I was unable to finish it. And since I just graduated, I should have the time. I can see it being used for the Underground or when X-Corps hopefully becomes active again the wider world. Or even just on the web where people who cannot find anything, might be able to find some materials to help them to control their powers." 

"We have to be careful it doesn't fall into the wrong hands as well," Jean said. She shook her head. 

"But I'm getting ahead of myself. I think your project and mine, used together might come in handy. One of the ways to measure limits is to make sure a person's abilities are used efficiently, so the training would come in handy." 

"And maybe we can make connections between certain characteristics of mutant abilities and which kinds training methods work best for them? Though again, that is more for a future picture." Sooraya remarked, a pensive expression on her face. "I'll have to search for what I still have left from the project. There should be a bit, but I'm not sure where it is." 

Jean grinned. "Sounds like a great idea to me," she said. 

"The areas should integrate well together. I've gotten better with psionic training now that I've been working with Quentin, so I can help with what I can there. I can also ask some of the other psis for their input." 

"I think I might go mansion wide with a questionnaire or something like that. We've variety of powers here... with various level of experience in using them. It makes for a good place to start in my opinion. Plus many have trained with others, so they might have input on exercises for powers even not their own." Sooraya thought out loud. "Maybe there are some questions you'd like add as well?" 

"I'd prefer a combination of questionnaire and demonstration, if possible. The more readings I can get, the better," Jean said. 

"I can see why that would be useful..." Sooraya's voice trailed off, to pick up a moment later. "How about we each work out our ideas a little more extensively and then meet again to create a plan together of how we can combine things in the best way?" 

Jean noticed the trail off, tilting her head curiously, then slowly nodded, with a smile. "Works for me," she said. After a moment, she studied her. 

"Is something wrong? You seemed to hesitate." 

"Nothing wrong." Sooraya hastened to explain. "Just quickly trying to think through parts and if there are any issues that might pop up, but I need to think on it some more." 

"Oh," Jean said with a nod. "Sounds good. We can meet later and go over everything if you'd like." 

"Sounds good to me. I need to find my notes first though and go over them again. I can email you when I have things together?" Sooraya suggested.  

"Works for me," Jean said. 

"Excellent. Now... I think I need to go look for Cece if we want to make it to the movie." Sooraya explained as she rose. "See you later, Jean!"


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