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Wanda stops by Kyle's suite, and they share donuts and don't share coffee and talk about all the things Kyle's questioning in his life.

When Kyle opened the door to his suite, Wanda was on the other side of the door, holding a large box of donuts in one hand, a giant cardboard of coffee in the other and was wearing very dark sunglasses. "Did you know that you can accidentally buy just as much hungover as you can drunk?" she asked instead of saying 'hello'. "Also, I happened to mention that I knew you and I was given another six donuts for free. Half a dozen, Kyle, no money expected. Are you part of a donut mafia?"

Kyle opened the door wider, glanced to make sure neither his cat nor Arthur's dog were going to do more than look up and then go back to their nap, and took the box from Wanda before she dropped it. "Uh. I knew that, and, uh, did they ask if I was dead because I haven't popped into Donutulas in uh.." He paused to think. "Okay, well, like really three weeks but I guess doing some online orders counts so maybe they don't think I'm dead?"

"That does explain their reaction. They had a pool to see what might have happened to you. The manager, Derek, was convinced you'd been turned into a vampire and couldn't come out during the day. Another person thought you'd moved to Australia." One hand now free, she shoved her sunglasses to the top of her head as she closed the door behind her. "I might have egged on the vampire thing a little."

"You should totes tell them I don't want the garlic-lime donuts anymore." Kyle said. "Oh, I gotta set myself like a reminder to order blood orange ones too because that'd be hilarious." He actually reached to pull his phone off the counter. "So, like, I mean I'm not going to turn down donuts but ... why?"

"I always say 'why not'?" Wanda set the coffee on the kitchen counter and tilted her head at the cupboards, looking for permission to hunt for an find the coffee mugs. Assuming he owned some. "Beyond that, I have been remiss in catching up, you've gone through a big life change, etc etc. So, donuts. And as much caffeine as I could carry in here with one hand."

"You just like me because you get double coffee." Kyle suggested as he sent himself the reminder. "Mugs are above the stove, unless Arthur put 'em somewhere weird again. I think he's just used to stuff he needs being wherever he needs it to be." He shrugged, in that sort of amused by his suitemate's antics rather than annoyed way. "Not sure if we have cream or sugar or whatever people put in coffee? I kinda purged most of it."

"Exactly. I bring you coffee, you turn your adorable nose up at it and I drink your half and mine. This is why we are friends. And, ugh, really, you let Arthur place things? You are certainly living life on the edge." With extreme caution, Wanda reached up and edge open one door before sighing in relief. There was always a concern about what her powers and Arthur's would do together and she was relieved to see she wouldn't have to find out while still dealing with a hangover.

"No worries. While I prefer sugar, I have trained my body into accepting whatever caffeine I have on hand. Sweetened or not."

"It's not like I let him it's that I dunno if he just like, has a different system or what but sometimes I find stuff in weird places. Might be a side effect of never running out of toilet paper though." Luckily, there always seemed to be one on the back of the toilet now. "Ima live with it if that's the case." He reached around Wanda to pull a bottle of juice from his fridge. "For a dude who lived in the woods and on tv at the same time a lot, he's a pretty decent roommate. And his dog is pretty awesome."

"His dog is adorable, I'll give you that, and his owner's not bad, either." Mug in hand, Wanda filled it with the still hot coffee and sighed as the scent hit her. The headache eased just a bit even at that first tantalizing smell. "I have to admit to some jealousy, however. My power never does anything useful like keep the toilet paper stocked. Mine is more likely to make the toilet paper explode." She made a face at Kyle. "There's a reason I have no roommates. Besides the need to turn the other bedroom into an office slash shoe closet."

"You have two offices?" Kyle said, questioningly "I mean don't you have a whole office in the city? Or did that go away? I mean, you guys all have offices again right?" God it bad enough trying to keep up with the team he was quitting, the rest of them were just so confusing. "For reals, like, did you lose your office when you left? Were people pissed off about it?"

"I have ..." Wanda squinted at her fingers and then shook her head. It was too early for math. "The number of offices I actually have some claim to would boggle the mind. Not that I am ever in most of those but still, mine, thank you." A sip before she continued. "But here, yes, I do have a lovely office in the city. And one as part of my suite, that doubles as a shoe and possible wine closet. As for when I left ..." Wanda shrugged. "I have lost count of the number of times I closed up an office and moved on. It was nice being able to come back this time."

"That's a lotta wine and shoes." He hopped up onto his own counter, toes - and claws - brushing the floor as he kicked a little. "Hey I .. I gotta weird kinda question for you. About, uh, well, you left the X-Men, right? I mean, you had the whole leather pants code-name thing for a while?"

The question took her by surprise even though Kyle had warned it was going to be a weird one. She took a sip before answering and then snagged a donut. "I did and I did," she said, dropping the donut onto a nearby paper towel. "You were, I believe, still a student when I traded the leather pants for trenchcoat." She was looking at him, head tilted a little. "Is this idle curiosity or something else?"

"I mean, it's like totes not the same, because you went off to, you know." Kyle made pew-pew noises and fingerguns, and then hummed a few bars of the James Bond theme song. "But. I dunno I just am..." He huffed, and blew all the loose hair off his forehead. "Questioning. Am I going back on what I wanted to do, to protect kids like me, if I just can't do this anymore? I saw kids die and man I dunno I can see that again, but if I quit am I just gonna see more because I'm not there?"

She nodded, feeling a stab of sympathy. "First thing is that whatever you decide to do, you are not turning your back on anything or anyone if you hang up the leathers for something else. Since no one can know what impact our decisions will have - well, most of us - you need to do what is best for you." Wanda shook her head. "Those children didn't die because of you, Kyle, and whatever hurts come in the future will also not be because of you. So, you need to ask yourself what is it that you actually want once you get past that?"

"I don't even know, like.. my whole life's a mess. I wanted to teach, I wanted to like, make things better for kids and both of those got screwed up." Kyle said. "I mean what if they did die cause of me. Some of those kids were trying to join the X-Men." He was so hushed it was almost hard to make out his words. "Wanda, I don't wanna walk into a classroom and have some kid see me as a role model if it means they're gonna throw on some body armor and get shot."

"Then take some time." Reaching over, Wanda placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Put the leathers in the closet and walk away if you need to. No one will think less of you. You sometimes need to leave something behind in order to get proper perspective of it. And at some point, you might find yourself looking back and thinking it might be time to put them back on and rejoin the team. Or you might realize that it's better left off and that your life is on a different path."

Wanda leaned closer, "We will always be here. You do realize that, yes? In some form or fashion because leaving the team does not mean you leave the people. And it does not mean you are forgetting sacrifices made in the past."

"I probably gotta talk to Scott." and when had Mr Summers become Scott anyway, Kyle wondered to himself. "I mean, I know if I take a break no one's gonna kick me out, I mean.." He gestured. "You. But. You know, it's just, am I giving up cause it's hard, or am I deciding it's just not right for me anymore, and I can't tell."

Leaning back, Wanda held her mug in both hands and gave a small shrug. It was a very European gesture - it didn't mean she didn't care but, instead, was more 'what can you do?'. "Don't you owe it to yourself to find out? If you do nothing, you will spin your tires trying to figure it out. But if you should act and realize it was for a reason you are not comfortable with you can always fix it."

"I've been spinning my tires a while." Kyle admitted. "I guess maybe getting out and pushing the car doesn't mean I can't get back on the road, even if I gotta take another route." He pondered that for a moment. "That metaphor's a little cliche, huh?"

"Only if the metaphor doesn't actually work," Wanda smiled. "But when it does, it just means it's accurate for the situation. Trust me, it is better than calling it a mid-life crisis."

"Wanda, I'm not even thirty. Jesus." Kyle made a show of trying to pull his hair into his face to look for greys. "Aw man I just talked myself into being responsible. What kind of millennial am I?"

She most certainly was now snickering into her coffee. "I suppose I could answer that but I might get accused of being ageist, so I'll refrain. So, do you feel better for having talked yourself into being responsible?"

"Minus the like, dread about going to talk to Scott, yeah, kinda." Kyle's hair was not long enough to even see but he still kept trying to look for the grays that were definitely not there. "Hey do I get more credit if I also might've talked myself into going for a master's degree a couple weeks ago?"

Wanda saluted Kyle with her coffee mug. "As a person who has put herself through that kind of torture, I mean, wonderful, life changing experience, my invisible hat is off to you, sir. And it's Scott - start with the master's degree mention, slide in the bit about the X-Men and offer to play pool with him. It'll go well."

"Yeah, I gotta be real, the idea of taking the GRE makes me wanna puke, but I, you know, bought a guide for it." Kyle said, and blew out some air from his cheeks. "Yeah, I just don't wanna let the guy down. Thanks, I probably owe you like a hundred more donuts than I already do."

"That is quite a lot of donuts but, don't worry, we can set up a donut payment plan if you need one."
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