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Kylun, Scott and Rahne drop by the shelter following a somewhat urgent plea for help...

Kylun scratched his wrist irritably; the borrowed clothes itched, and he would not have been surprised if the odd imaging field from the device in his pocket itched as well--if only on a spiritual level.  He was not comfortable, to say the least, with the deception, or the
necessity of the deception.

As they pulled into the--he hunted for the term--the parking lot, Kylun took in the animal shelter with curious eyes.  "I would not doubt the Professor's wisdom," he remarked quietly, "but a home for wayward animals seems an odd place to find a distressed mutant."

"It's a new one on me," Scott confessed easily, looking for a parking spot close to the doors. Charles hadn't thought they would run into any significant problems, but it was best to have the car handy just in case. "But if there's one thing I've learned about new mutant manifestations, it's that expecting the unexpected should always be the first rule."

Significant problems were the last thing on Rahne's mind. She hadn't yet managed the assertiveness to get group trips out here started as a steady thing before Asgard, and afterward she'd been rather distracted by Nathan, but she'd been here herself several times since investigating their reaction to the possibility of mutant volunteers.

Which was probably why the rather frazzled-looking young man emerging from the shelter without a coat despite the cold weather set eyes on her and rushed forward with relief. "Rahne! You must be the group from Xavier's then. I am so glad to see you."

"Aye. Mr. Summers, Kylun, this is Tony."

Tony shook hands with both men firmly, though something about Kylun's grip made him blink a little, and if he looked at them both and particularly at Scott's reddish sunglasses on a day that wasn't exactly bright with a little curiosity, he didn't say anything. And if either of them raised an eyebrow at the long and rather recently scabbed-over scratches on his forearms, they didn't have time to say anything. "Good to meet you. Very good. I'm glad you're here. We really haven't been sure what to do -- come on in?"

He started back toward the building, shaking his head and still talking nervously. "I hope you aren't going to take this wrong, I know it looks bad but it was about the only thing -- we couldn't exactly have you get here and have her run off already, see, and... well...." He pushed the door open.

A long, hostile sounding yowl greeted them, resonating from down one of the hallways, briefly quieting the usual assortment of barking and meowing that was customary to the animal shelter.

"We had to wedge the cage with the file cabinet!" a petite, dark-haired girl exclaimed from halfway down the hallway, only her head visible as she leaned through a doorway. "She's really not wanting anything to do with this and I still don't think we should tranq her, she's obviously not- oh. Hi. Are you from the school?" The question wasn't hard exactly, but it was determined. "They're not taking her back. Social services I mean. We won't let 'em."

She moved aside to let them enter the room, gesture at the cat carrier (metal) braced between a filing cabinet and the wall rattling as something shifted hurriedly inside of it, clearly shifting to curl up in the back, growling lowly at them as they filed inside.

Kylun stared at the cage, eyes gradually hardening.  "What has happened here?  Is this the girl we were told about?  Did this 'Social Services' cage her?"

Scott frowned. This wasn't good. He should have suggested Nathan come along. A telepath would have been handy. "It's all right, Kylun," he said as reassuringly as he could. "I think this is just a case of people trying to do the best they can..."

"We tried letting her out," Tony said unhappily, "but she kept trying to run off...." He held out his hands rather helplessly for a moment, then frowned at his arms and let them fall.

"I ken ye wouldna treat a girl or any creature badly," Rahne said firmly, patting Tony lightly on the upper arm (above the scratches) and then crouching down in front of the carrier. "...So the cat's our new student?"

"Social services had her in a box. She was still groggy when they brought her here, just dumped her with us without a word other than to say you guys would come to pick her up and they weren't equipped to 'deal' with something like this. That uppity bit-," she stopped, eyes flicking towards Rahne, "-ca. Bitca. Anyway. We had her set up sweetly so she'd feel good when she woke up but, uh… you can see Tony's arms. Things didn't go so well. And the way that woman who brought her over was talking about her, it'd get ugly with them if she got loose. She was muttering something about institutionalizing her!"

A spit and hiss from the cage echoed the indignation in the shelter worker's voice, drawing a funny look from her in the process. Clearly, this was the first time there was any consensus in the room, on pretty much any sort of topic.

Another hiss soon followed as Rahne drew closer, although it faltered midway, ending in an almost puzzled sounding meep.

"'Tis all right," Rahne said in a low voice, ostensibly to the cat but really to everyone there. She knew and trusted the shelter workers, but if she hadn't known them she probably would have been as disturbed by the scene as Kylun -- and she had the feeling Tony had been as worried about how they'd react as he was glad to see them. "I can see why ye arena happy about all this, but we've come to take ye home with us, if we may. 'Tis a nice place and should keep away any trouble from the, uh, woman who brought ye here." She twitched a smile. "I hope ye doona mind dogs though."

Silence reigned inside the cage for a moment, until finally something stirred. Claws ticked loudly on metal as the cat inside moved closer to the door, until purple eyes peered out of the grilled 'window', narrowed in suspicion still.


The cat batted at the door imperiously, eyes never leaving Rahne's face.

Kylun took a deep breath, searching for and finding his center; strange--and, in so many ways, wrong--though this world might be, these were self-evidently good people, and undeserving of his anger. He knelt quietly next to Rahne, reaching for a soothing tone of voice. "The school is a good place, little one, with good people.  I think you will like it there, if you decide to come with us.  New friends, and good food."  He smiled wryly.  "And space to roam."

Rahne shot a quick smile sideways at Kylun and then returned her gaze to the purple-eyed cat. She started to reach toward the door, then turned to look over her shoulder at Scott. Taking the new student back to the school in a cage seemed like a bad start, but if she'd made multiple attempts to get away (or claw people) already, she probably ought to ask first.... "Mr. Summers? It seems to me like maybe a good time to let her out...."

"Go ahead, Rahne," Scott said without hesitation. They could cope, if the girl tried to run; it was more important to take the opportunity > to win her trust. Opening the cage was a natural first step.

Rahne nodded. "I had to ask," she explained to the cat as she undid the lock. "He's my teacher." She scooted back a bit to give her more room.

After a short moment, a somewhat lanky purple cat slowly emerged from the cage, stalking out with quiet, if a bit stiff, dignity. Each person in the room was given a short, if still baleful look, before she stopped in the middle of the room, not even bothering to hide she was checking all exits carefully.

Kylun repressed a smile; the monastery cats had worn that very expression when feeling particularly thwarted.  "I think you will find the school much preferable," he ventured."

Another very typical cat expression was directed at Kylun - disdain. Clearly, the cat didn't want anything to do with any school, as the longing look towards the window revealed. She licked her shoulder in an unconcerned 'the situation is entirely under control' sort of way, before moving forward a bit more, pausing to look first at Rahne and then Kylun with an increasingly puzzled expression.

She wasn't looking puzzled at Scott. Rahne thought about what Kylun actually looked like and tried to figure out whether there were any similarities to their scents.... She didn't come up with anything, but it could still be that things didn't quite match from scent to image. And on herself... "Ye werena here when I told Tony and Karen I was a wolf part of the time," she said thoughtfully. "'Tis part of why I said I hoped ye wouldna mind dogs. Can ye smell that?"

"You weren't here either," Karen pointed out. "It was over the phone."

"Doona confuse the point," Rahne said with a hint of a giggle in her voice. Then, still crouched on the floor, she shifted as far as was comfortable when fully dressed and shod, and pricked her ears forward.

The lavender cat's reaction was comical, really. For a brief moment, any dignity was forgotten as her eyes widened like saucers at the shift, whiskers twitching for a second before arching forward.
Although clearly wanting to dismiss all caution to simply pounce forward, instead the cat inched forward slowly, until she was almost nose to nose with Rahne, going cross eyed in the process.

People. That one is People! ...sort of. Because everyone knew dogs were stupid. Except she wasn't a dog (exactly) but she still wasn't a cat (no way) but there was the whole being able to turn into a human thing, and my, that meant Catseye wasn't the only one anymore!

Rahne let out a soft friendly noise, as licking seemed rather too forward (and frankly she wasn't quite so far shifted as to make it palatable). "So I get the idea ye do something like this too, maybe?" she added, still quietly, the words a little harder to enunciate with her mouth partly muzzle-shaped but still mostly intelligible.

The one further down smelled vaguely of People too, even though he didn't look it, which was what had been confusing Catseye for a moment - she didn't linger on that for now  however, instead concentrating on the one before her. "Meow!" Which was of course, Catseye's way of
informing Rahne that she could change in a human as well. Not that she had any intention of doing so, after the events of the past few days.

Rahne touched noses gently but then sat back a bit. That sort of sounded affirmative, but.... "I'm afraid I doona speak cat that well," she said politely.

Scott watched in something close to wonder. "If you don't speak cat, what is her body language telling you?" he asked, thinking about what Nathan had mentioned idly to him over a cup of coffee in the kitchen one morning about Rahne's thoughts on her own mutation after Asgard.

Rahne blinked, momentarily thrown. She rather thought that speaking cat, like speaking wolf, probably was mostly a matter of body language. "...Curious. Interested. Not hostile anymore, at least for now. But I've got the feeling I'm missing some of it."

Kylun chuckled, struck by a sudden thought.  "Rahne, were you not left without a roommate during the move?  Perhaps, if the young empress here deigns to join us at the school, she might be grateful of a friend close by."

Rahne looked up at him, blinking, and then smiled. "Aye, I was." She looked back at the cat. "What would ye think of that?"

Catseye considered this for a moment. First of all, the wolf girl was like her. Only not a cat, but still. That needed investigating. Second of all, going there meant not being here. And she had a feeling no cages would be involved there although if they tried anything funny, she'd be ready. And last of all...

Stretching out carefully, the cat took a few steps towards Scott, clearly expecting some sort of reaction from him as she neared him with an overly casual air about her.

Scott stayed quite still, smiling down at her. "I think you would like the school," he said quietly. "It might take a little getting used to, but I think you'd probably be much happier there."

The last she wasn't sure of. Catseye had been perfectly content with her life before all of this. Still, there was something in that one's voice which reminded her of the woman who had taken care of her now and then, when she'd been sick or if a day was too cold outside. Kindness. With a small sniff she turned back to Rahne, ignoring the shelter people completely, and tapped her arm. Pick me up. I'll go.

Now that, Rahne was fairly certain, was a pick-me-up signal. She complied, the cat giving a little hop and settling comfortably as Rahne scooped her up. "I think she's coming with us, then."


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