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It's a normal Sunday - except for one thing. Or maybe, since it's Xavier's, it is normal.

All right, let's go on a bug hunt. )
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The kids gather to start Stephen’s newly acquired game. And things get a little… creepy. And crawly.

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Clea and Stephen are out for a day on the town when they find a game shop and decide to check it out.

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 Needing a break from her training and shifts, Sharon investigates a different project. 

Fresh air and real elements can beat any artificial ones. )
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Quentin and Gabriel catch up while preparing for a night of drugs, booze, and anonymous sex. Happy Pride, guys!

Why would you give up such a high position on the gay hierarchy? Abdicating your throne. )
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Darcy and Topaz talk blind date annoyances and hypothetical revenge.

Maybe cover their bed in sand and glitter. )
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Backdated waaaaaay back to within a few weeks of Maya's initial arrival at the mansion.

Maya comes looking for Wade and ends up with a Doug instead, things go interestingly. Maya once again proves she's really bad at meeting new people

The Ice Cream Eating guy video :D

I'm more of a Sophie Turner sitting on the Iron Throne sort myself. )
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When they are home, Sooraya tries to stay strong, but fails... 

Trigger warning: Graphic depiction and discussion of lynching 

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Professor Xavier comes to comfort Sooraya.

Trigger warning: Graphic depiction and discussion of lynching 

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Quentin and Sooraya search for Kaori and Ray. Unfortunately they don't have to go far... 

Trigger warning: Graphic depictions and discussions of lynching. 

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Kane arrives and they deal with the police. 

Trigger warning: Graphic depictions and discussions of lynching. 

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Concerned about the missing people in the Underground and frustrated by the police's non-response, Sooraya turns to Garrison Kane for some advice. 

As long as the doubt is there, they're going to be bottom of the pile. )
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Hope's unusual source of information does have consequences though. 

I have known a long time what I am and what I am capable of. )


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Backdated to some date before a date that I can remember.

Kyle brings by some food for Laurie, and an offer

Oh hell no. I cook for myself, lady, I am not risking Scott concussive beaming my head off for food I can make myself! )
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Warren and Sue spend some time trapped in a car talking about their love lives...or lack of such.

Don't mess this up for me. I'm rich, I don't know how to do things for myself. )
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Following on from this offer, Topaz and Artie deal with some business.

And uh, maybe project some fear of god at him )
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Domino and Warren get up to shenanigans under the full moon; Dom calls in a favour.

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