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When they are home, Sooraya tries to stay strong, but fails... 

Trigger warning: Graphic depiction and discussion of lynching 

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Professor Xavier comes to comfort Sooraya.

Trigger warning: Graphic depiction and discussion of lynching 

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A therapy session with Charles Xavier, about two years after the events of The Dark Phoenix sent Gabriel into a tailspin.

Like, it all feels false. Or broken or — like, I don't know, like I can see the seams? )
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A week after his experience in Meggan and Topaz's mind and a year after the end of the world, Haller decides he no longer has a place in the mansion -- and Charles draws the line.

You can not run away from that. Not even now. )
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Backdated to Sept 4 - Charles asks Kyle if he'll take on the job of handling a very small class of students who can't yet attend the local high school. Kyle accepts - but he's uneasy about the job, even though he's also excited about it at the same time.

I can give it a shot. I.. if this is, like, too much and I'm screwing it up, I want some kind of back up plan because I am not gonna leave a bunch of kids hanging - or even one kid, whatever - if I'm all, you know, playing video games in my pajamas with Dori because I can't get over myself. )
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Jean and Warren arrive at the mansion to talk to Charles Xavier about Warren's company. They also meet his right hand man, Scott Summers.

I guess I'm moving in. )
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Jean calls Charles Xavier to catch up and get his advice regarding taking action on some recent news she had received about Warren Worthington's company.

Careful is our watchword these days. )
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Professor Xavier meets his current legal counsel for lunch, only to find that Baez has his eye on retirement.

Retiring? You? )


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