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Garrison gets Adrienne to slow down enough for dinner and she tries to play a prank on him.

Hon, I think you might have gotten scammed. )
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Garrison and Adrienne spend the evening at Harry's to catch up and discuss bucket lists.

Wow, you remember the Titanic? You must be really old! )
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Trigger warning for a few mentions of the R-word.

Garrison talks to Adrienne about the case he left town to work on. As an indicator of how the discussion goes, she starts chain-smoking.

I have a bad feeling about this one. By the time we got to the victim, he knew our names )
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While doing hot yoga in Boiler Beach, Rogue and Adrienne discuss Rogue's powers and broken brain.

So when Ah'm mahself, an' Ah ain't got an accent, Ah'm manly? )
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Spending a Saturday running errands together before a date night, Adrienne tries to hide from Garrison the fact that she's trying to spend time with him and work on an X-Factor case. Garrison is far too wise to be tricked, which is fortuitous when he helps solve the case.

You once helped actually literally save the world. That's hero in my book, regardless of what you want to call it. I'm a hero because of that thing I can do with one arm that makes you sound like a air raid alarm. It's all relative. )
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Adrienne visits Julian at The Jack-O-Lantern, and a plan is hatched to celebrate Tandy's birthday...well, birthdays...that she missed, while in Asgard.

We missed a few birthdays. I'd like to make up for that... )
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Garrison and Adrienne have a battle over their sheets and it is very clear that the cat is on Garrison's side.

Getting my fair share does not make me an asshole )


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