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In preparation for the upcoming wedding, Lorna and Alex do what they do best - cake eating. Warning: It is disgustingly sweet.

I love the fact that the way to your heart is food. )
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Alex comes home to find spiders, and only has a helmet to defend himself. Thankfully, he lives in a house of superheroes and Kane is close by.

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Alex introduces Lorna to the puppy he found. Lorna can't say no to either cute face.

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Alex and Lorna go check out a report about some anti-mutant graffiti and get some great help along the way...

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Alex and Angelo run into each other while Alex is bringing home a new stray. There's talk of life and,
more significantly, marriage.

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Alex’s and Lorna’s simple day of errands comes to an end when they get caught up in a bank robbery.

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Drunk Alex meets maybe-drunk-maybe-just-weird Marie-Ange (Spoiler: Just weird) at Gabriel's BBQ. Backdated to September 16.

Are you drunk or do you always act like this? )
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Quentin and Alex are reluctantly on a case to track a wayward teen but find their job compromised when they discover just what the kid has been doing.

Hi, I've been watching you from the bushes for the last fifteen minutes because your parents hired me. 'Sup? )
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Alex's showing off catches up to him when he breaks his leg on the slopes. Thankfully he has a very pretty nurse. Backdated to March 6.

Mmmmm, I'm so lucky to have you. )
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Cypher, Heat Wave and Lucky streak hit the labs, and find plenty of opposition.

Three blondes walk into a bar… )

...While Tarot, Jewel and the Invisible Girl are more direct and use the front door.

Surrender now or prepare to be punched. )

Outnumbered and outgunned, it’s time to make a break for it.

You know I think they plan to make putting a hole in them difficult )


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