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On the smoking porch, for old times' sake, Angelo shares his news with Amanda and makes her an offer.


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Amanda and Topaz head into town to try and find the shop where the kids got the game. And find precisely nothing.

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Backdated to 1st April 2017

Maya tries to get in to see Warren but ends up having to be rescued by Amanda. It goes as well as one might expect.

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Amanda comes to visit and make sure Angelo's taking care of himself as well as Jean-Phillipe

Look at us, all grown up and responsible )
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Following the battle against the ice giant and draining her mentor's emotions, Topaz goes to check on her and finds even the strongest people have their hidden flaws. Backdated to very early Monday morning.

Walk a mile in my emotions and all that shite? )
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At the start of the night, Amanda and Garrison banter, until serious stuff gets in the way.

I have very sensitive thumbs. )

Later, Jean is happened upon by a more cheerful Amanda, who teaches her why you don't ask punk rock fans for musical input.

Doc, you need an injection of musical taste, stat. )


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