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A routine Danger Room run gets a bit hairy when Jean is forced to confront her worst fears. Angel solves everything with cookies, though.

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Jubilee has an assignment for Hope...

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Hope finds her first target. 

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On to the next location: the library... 

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Some targets are more intimidating then others... or when Hope encountered Scott

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Chatting with a friend brings Hope another chess piece.

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The search continues outside. 

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There are others who are masters of the art of distraction: enter Marie-Ange

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And another one aka Clarice in the Medlab.

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A final target.... 

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And evaluation time! 

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When they are home, Sooraya tries to stay strong, but fails... 

Trigger warning: Graphic depiction and discussion of lynching 

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Professor Xavier comes to comfort Sooraya.

Trigger warning: Graphic depiction and discussion of lynching 

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Angel and Angelo go out to lunch to talk about his newspaper column when they're quiet meal is interrupted by bigots. It's a hard time. For the bigots.

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Sooraya brings Angel to see a young man who can use a hand with his powers. 

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Sub-mariner and Firestar get the first look at the Iron-Men; Iron-Man and War Machine.

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Angel and Julian bring in their new Gen-X mentor. It's probably the only easy thing they've had to do with Gen-X since it's inception.

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The X-Men follow Beetle and Vulture to their hideout where Rhino is waiting for them along with three massive death robots!

Robots. I can break those. Let me break them. I want to see who cries. )

The X-Men split up to take down the Sentinels. Firestar, Cyclops, and Spider-Man vs. the Rhino!

Robots aren't even supposed to harm people! That's Asimov's first rule of robotics. That should go for Russian cyborgs, too! )

Rogue and Wolverine vs. the Beetle!

Can I just say, you take me to the best places? )

Marvel Girl and Blink vs. the Vulture!

This is the plot to bad porn! )

The Sentinels have one last trick up their sleeve, though.

Giants robots explodin'. Just what the world needed more of. )
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After months of admirably keeping quiet, Rogue finally confronts Angel about her relationship with Clint. She could have chosen a better time, of course.

Can you at <I>least</i> wait until simulated vikings aren't trying to pretend-behead us before you start lecturing me? )


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