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The kids gather to start Stephen’s newly acquired game. And things get a little… creepy. And crawly.

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Clea and Stephen are out for a day on the town when they find a game shop and decide to check it out.

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Stephen and Clea have lunch and talk about girls and cooties.
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Alison, Rahne, and Tabitha try to do a good deed when they find a lost child. And regret the choice pretty quickly.

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After seeing the girls disappear, Clea and Stephen gather any available GenXers, and the group ends up with an unusual ally.

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Topaz finds herself with a mini British admirer after her first magic class.

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Amanda and Megan are waiting by the campfire as Clea, Sebastian and Stephen finally make it back after their last grand adventure.

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Bas gives Bloodstone a run for his money.

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Stephen and Clea use their magic, and a lot of it, to help a friend.

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