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Backdated waaaaaay back to within a few weeks of Maya's initial arrival at the mansion.

Maya comes looking for Wade and ends up with a Doug instead, things go interestingly. Maya once again proves she's really bad at meeting new people

The Ice Cream Eating guy video :D

I'm more of a Sophie Turner sitting on the Iron Throne sort myself. )
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Plans are made to undo the damage Garrulous has done.

I think that should be enough to break the bloc )

Hope and Doug work to manifacture evidence to break up the group of staffers.

Divide and conquer. )

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Doug and Cara work to figure out under which identity Scanner and Garrulous are operating.

“Let’s get this party started.” )

CJ and Hope discuss who the most likely targets are.

I just want some way to sort through those 140 politicians... )

Hope and Darcy search for likely candidates in the media

That much of a difference in only three weeks? )

Darcy and CJ check backgrounds to see who might make a viable target.

“Are you sure you’re treating this as seriously as your should be?” )

Doug and Hope hack a phone and get information that way.

“Are you ready to do your very best ‘bored call center drone’ impression?” )

Doug hacks the appointment books of the possible politicans to see who has been in contact with Scanner and Garrulous.

I don’t suppose you know an easier way than playing battleship with this data. )

Hope discusses accessing her own resources with Cara.

With enough time and planting enough seeds? )

Darcy and Cara prepare for some footwork.

This place has killer grilled cheese and tomato soup on Tuesdays. )

Doug teaches Darcy to connect phones.

Ever watch Person of Interest? )


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