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Ev meets a struggling Reed on a treadmill, and after a bumpy start, offers him a job.

I want to research you. )
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Synch and Marvel Girl take the lead against Falcon and Vision as they emerge from the wake of the Quinjet

You go for Falcon. I'll take Red, )


Feb. 9th, 2017 05:38 pm
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Sooraya and Ev have a breakthrough in Dust's powers training.

"Marvelously done! That was great, Sooraya." )
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Jean-Paul finds Everett in the gym and decides to ask him about helping with some powers training. He gets some unexpected news in return.

We're rapidly approaching the extent of my French... )
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Ev and Sooraya continue their training. Sooraya shows how much she's accomplished since their first meeting, and Ev makes a rookie mistake when synching to her.

There are worse things. At least you didn't get stuck in a pile of sand like I did when I first got my powers. )
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Out for a jog, Clint and Matt are surprised to see a delivery man lurking outside the front gate.

I'm looking for Xavier's school? )

Reinforcements having arrived, the group sets about trying to figure out what's up with the mysterious box. They get a bit more than they bargained for.

If you're going to throw a temper tantrum, then you can go sit in a corner and think about what you've done... )
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A bunch of shiftless bums decide to volunteer their services to the school instead of sitting around on their lazy butts, mooching off Xavier all day.

Whatever you're doing, stop and think about what you should be doing. )
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Wanda's spending some time in the gym when Ev stops by. There's some mutual ogling before Wanda fills him in on the biggest thing that's happened to her since they were at the mansion together - Chthon.

'You are amazing, I have to say.' 'Well, you certainly aren't ~wrong~.' )
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The next morning, the group discusses some of the previous day's events — and oddities — while looking forward to going home.

I don't have vodka for the shot that statement requires... )
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Our intrepid heroes plan their inevitable confrontation with Fixer as best they can, initially attempting to convince him to change his mind. However, fights break out across the room as those not infected with nanites attempt to stop those who are.

Bitch, I have had enough of Norbert... )
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Topaz, Molly, and Natasha unexpectedly run into one of their missing teammates. Things don't go as planned... or particularly well. Luckily, backup arrives.

Note: Translations are beneath a secondary cut at the bottom of the post.

In a single snap, everything was clear. Norbert wasn't awesome. )

Translations... )


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