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Dom and Gabriel get to know each other a little better while on a job.

Live fast die young, isn't that the saying? )
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Quentin and Gabriel catch up while preparing for a night of drugs, booze, and anonymous sex. Happy Pride, guys!

Why would you give up such a high position on the gay hierarchy? Abdicating your throne. )
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Gabriel and Rogue hang out in the boathouse and gripe about responsibility, kind of.

It's fun, like a weird puzzle that half the world hates )
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A therapy session with Charles Xavier, about two years after the events of The Dark Phoenix sent Gabriel into a tailspin.

Like, it all feels false. Or broken or — like, I don't know, like I can see the seams? )
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Gabriel and Quentin sneak away from Gabriel's party for some birthday fun. Let's be on the safe side and say it's NSFW-ish.

The brutal overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the kyriarchical regime. Or a pony. )
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Warren shows up to the end-of-summer party with a rather unique host gift for Gabriel.

A remarkable likeness, isn't it? )
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Gabriel slips outside to get some privacy for a secret project, but forgets to check around for spiders.

Not everyone graduates high school, Miles, and some of us do perfectly fine. )
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Quentin and Gabriel get dinner and drinks after work. It's totally not a date. Even though Gabriel voices some personal concerns he's never told anyone else and Quentin suggests a vacation for just the two of them. Nope, not a date.

You know. I figured if you were ever gonna die early it'd be because you and I drove a car of a cliff all Thelma and Louise-like. )
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Gabriel educates Namor on some of the pop culture he'll need in the modern world.

Mostly, I just wanted to hear your running commentary. )


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