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Emma gives both Tandy and Garrison some time with Adrienne on the astral plane before essentially shutting Adrienne's brain down.

I'll keep a good watch )

I have the Greatest Hits album now )
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While helping out at the District X soup kitchen, Adrienne has an encounter with an unknown mutant and her powers go haywire, so Tandy and Garrison enlist Emma's help to try and help her.

I only reinforce your bad decisions regarding alcohol and sex. For bad decisions about food, you're on your own )
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They finally reach Hela to bargain for the Disir, and Illyana has a surprising role to play.

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Laurie tries to get back into the swing of things with a Danger room training session. Things do not go as she wanted, and her conversation with Garrison afterwards takes them to an interesting decision.

Oh for fuck's sake, you're already pulling the victim card? Fine, you're leaving the team, fuck off. I'll focus on actual team members then. )
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Alex comes home to find spiders, and only has a helmet to defend himself. Thankfully, he lives in a house of superheroes and Kane is close by.

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Quentin and Sooraya search for Kaori and Ray. Unfortunately they don't have to go far... 

Trigger warning: Graphic depictions and discussions of lynching. 

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Kane arrives and they deal with the police. 

Trigger warning: Graphic depictions and discussions of lynching. 

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Concerned about the missing people in the Underground and frustrated by the police's non-response, Sooraya turns to Garrison Kane for some advice. 

As long as the doubt is there, they're going to be bottom of the pile. )
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Sharon takes out Garrison and Scott for the promised drink for the DR simulation. 

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Duncan contacts Kane with a back channel call for help with a situation that is tremendously dangerous. The X-Men are literally asked to be the main line of defense for SHIELD against their own Avengers.

You must be fucking kidding me. )


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