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Clint's doing his usual practice when an unexpected visitor drops in. Literally.

WARNING: Suicidal ideation.

There's easier ways to break rocks...um...Robin...Hood- man, I'm off my game. )
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Backdated to 20th May 2016

Maya comes across Julian in the kitchen, she's a bit of an arsehole

What are you doing up, Maya? )
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Hope finds Julian and forces him to head into work, on her last day as his assistant.

Read more... )
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Angel and Julian bring in their new Gen-X mentor. It's probably the only easy thing they've had to do with Gen-X since it's inception.

You're popular with the students, for...whatever reason. )
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The X-Men have their first contact with Death Adder and find themselves facing the mutants that freed him in the first place.

Looks like we need to tackle the two big uglies. )
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Logan, Sharon and Julian venture down through the tunnel in the lab into the sewers, only to discover a researcher from the project with some bad news about their 'subject'

And what the hell are you hunting that you need something that looks armor piercing ammo? )


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