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Jubilee has an assignment for Hope...

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Hope finds her first target. 

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On to the next location: the library... 

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Some targets are more intimidating then others... or when Hope encountered Scott

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Chatting with a friend brings Hope another chess piece.

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The search continues outside. 

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There are others who are masters of the art of distraction: enter Marie-Ange

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And another one aka Clarice in the Medlab.

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A final target.... 

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And evaluation time! 

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The X-Men split into two teams; a group to assault the roof and shutdown the main power, while a smaller team works there way up through the floors already controlled.

There's gotta be something powering these traps. Some control switch....some panel... )
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Marie-Ange follows up with Namor on his request to help catalog Ancient Atlantis' history along with Kitty.

Chocolate is easier to explain. )
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Kitty gets some unasked for advice. Jean-Paul gets a dance date for tonight.

Is he circumcised, or no? )
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Two old friends meet in their usual spot and realize there might be a chance for something more.

Sleep was still that most impossible of beasts. )
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Kane, Kitty and Logan arrange for all three mutants to be taken for medical treatment before quietly leaving the scene.

Reversing mutations. Worst effects or not, what could that mean for the mansion? )
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Meanwhile, Kitty and Garrison work on getting the files and reviewing the footage from the bomb. They discover that the attack might have been a cover.

This isn't CSI: Xavier's. )
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Kitty's conscience gets the better of her and, instead of handing the item she acquired off to her former employer, she returns it to its rightful owner.

Heirs are not expected to know how pedestrian machinery works. )


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