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Reed and Kurt meet outside and have an illuminating conversation.

I wish I was a mad scientist. )
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 In her quest of figuring out if the X-men is something Sharon want to do, Kurt introduces her to monitoring duty. 

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Kurt finds Topaz coming back from a run, and the two chat.

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Topaz wakes up in Marie-Ange's and Amanda's suite to find Kurt waiting for her.

I read the report. You were trying to do good. )
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Amanda tracks down her wayward student and amazingly doesn't drag her home by the ear. (Local Time in India: 8:30 a.m., Friday July 10

I strive to stay out of trouble and live a quiet life )

Sadly, Kurt can't teleport India. But a phone call gets his point across to Topaz just fine.

I'm more worried you'll call when I'm on the phone with her and next thing I know I have the mutant SWAT team banging down my door because I didn't answer )
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Domino and Kurt meet for the first time. Kurt is friendly and furry. Dom is... awkward.

Chicken and waffles and booze sounds amazing though! )
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After helping avert a potential tragedy, Kurt doesn't receive the thanks he deserves when his image inducer malfunctions. Jean helps him out and the two make their way back to her car, discussing the complexities of their existence.

I have been in this line of work for more than ten years. I have seen some fights lost and some won, but there is, always and forever, hope. )
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Rogue and Kurt talk about Logan and Jubilee.  And then Kurt tells her a secret.
"What would adult me do?" )
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Kurt catches Topaz sneaking out for a late-night drive. As usual, the conversation doesn't go the way she expects it to. (Backdated to early Sunday morning).

Did you have a destination in mind, or just to drive until you stop? )
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In which Rogue bumps into Kurt, and finds him to be comforting

There was something to the smell of the winter she liked. Read more... )


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