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Wanda stops by Kyle's suite, and they share donuts and don't share coffee and talk about all the things Kyle's questioning in his life.

Half a dozen, Kyle, no money expected. Are you part of a donut mafia? )
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Backdated to some date before a date that I can remember.

Kyle brings by some food for Laurie, and an offer

Oh hell no. I cook for myself, lady, I am not risking Scott concussive beaming my head off for food I can make myself! )
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Topaz and Kyle talk about Clint's team idea after a fighting lesson, and make plans of their own to help. Backdated to February 26.

Read more... )
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Kyle and Matt move Matt's law stuff down to a basement office and discuss his need for an assistant and upcoming plans for the new X-thing.

I'm the best pack minion. I'd be a lousy legal minion. )
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Kyle helps Miles process the death of Dan Hanrahan and figure out what are the limits of being a superhero.

Have you ever killed someone? )
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Out for a jog, Clint and Matt are surprised to see a delivery man lurking outside the front gate.

I'm looking for Xavier's school? )

Reinforcements having arrived, the group sets about trying to figure out what's up with the mysterious box. They get a bit more than they bargained for.

If you're going to throw a temper tantrum, then you can go sit in a corner and think about what you've done... )
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A bunch of shiftless bums decide to volunteer their services to the school instead of sitting around on their lazy butts, mooching off Xavier all day.

Whatever you're doing, stop and think about what you should be doing. )
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Due to Rossi being the wiki Goddess and helping me out with the date, backed to Monday August 1st 2016

Kyle and Maya end up having a civil conversation of sorts and the world does not end. They also find out some information about her that might help her with the rage.

I was a hipster before being a hipster was cool. )
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Kyle and Sooraya go shopping for textbooks as a start to setting up some kind of education for the kids in the Underground.

One size fits all is not going to work here... )
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Angel and Julian bring in their new Gen-X mentor. It's probably the only easy thing they've had to do with Gen-X since it's inception.

You're popular with the students, for...whatever reason. )
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The next morning, the group discusses some of the previous day's events — and oddities — while looking forward to going home.

I don't have vodka for the shot that statement requires... )
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Our intrepid heroes plan their inevitable confrontation with Fixer as best they can, initially attempting to convince him to change his mind. However, fights break out across the room as those not infected with nanites attempt to stop those who are.

Bitch, I have had enough of Norbert... )
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Topaz, Molly, and Natasha unexpectedly run into one of their missing teammates. Things don't go as planned... or particularly well. Luckily, backup arrives.

Note: Translations are beneath a secondary cut at the bottom of the post.

In a single snap, everything was clear. Norbert wasn't awesome. )

Translations... )
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Having arrived the previous day, our group of intrepid investigators settles into a safe house on the outskirts of Barrow and makes sure everybody knows their covers.

I'd bugger off too if I was stuck in this sun-less, god-less frozen hell... )
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Kyle has a most excellent idea while he and Clint work out together.

How. Do you have skin on your hands? )


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