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Laurie tries to get back into the swing of things with a Danger room training session. Things do not go as she wanted, and her conversation with Garrison afterwards takes them to an interesting decision.

Oh for fuck's sake, you're already pulling the victim card? Fine, you're leaving the team, fuck off. I'll focus on actual team members then. )
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Backdated to some date before a date that I can remember.

Kyle brings by some food for Laurie, and an offer

Oh hell no. I cook for myself, lady, I am not risking Scott concussive beaming my head off for food I can make myself! )
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Laurie returns some files to medlab and starts up an conversation with Jennie - they get to talking about finding what you want.

Clint and I were talking about maybe... doing something like what we both used to do. )
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Sharon continues her education in mutant health care.
Read more... )
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Laurie joins Kevin for a drink, discovering that the man doesn't give up personal information easily.

I believe the only phrase worth saying here is fuck that's strong, )
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In her search for Doug, Hope runs into someone she had not expected.

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Laurie uses her powers to awaken Namor from a two week long coma after his aggression in Alaska. Cecilia is there to provide medical backup and a comforting hand.

You must be calm, nobody here means to harm you. )
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Backdated to Wednesday, April 29th 2015.

Laurie goes to check on Haller, now that she knows he's back. They both spectacularly fail at taking care of themselves while simultaneously trying to take care of someone else.

You're dismissing a life-changing injury a little quickly there. And I'm fine. There was some reorganization, but I'm functional enough. )


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