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Warren and Lorna go out for a flight, and talk about nothing in particular. For once, Warren is appropriate and Lorna isn't.

Lorna flew down next to him, Aww Warren. You think I am innocent? That is so sweet. )
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In preparation for the upcoming wedding, Lorna and Alex do what they do best - cake eating. Warning: It is disgustingly sweet.

I love the fact that the way to your heart is food. )
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 Needing a break from her training and shifts, Sharon investigates a different project. 

Fresh air and real elements can beat any artificial ones. )
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Alex introduces Lorna to the puppy he found. Lorna can't say no to either cute face.

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Alex and Lorna go check out a report about some anti-mutant graffiti and get some great help along the way...

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Lorna and Quentin bring Collin home to his mother, and the small family tries to figure out what to do next. Slightly backdated due to plot runner brain failure.

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Sue and Lorna go to visit Randy Bush in jail, trying to find out more about his son. Thanks to Ben for socking!

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Next, the mother. Thanks to Eva for socking!

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Alex’s and Lorna’s simple day of errands comes to an end when they get caught up in a bank robbery.

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Lorna and Maya have a great conversation on their hike. They learn a bit about each other.

Sure, lay on Mcduff )
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Alex's showing off catches up to him when he breaks his leg on the slopes. Thankfully he has a very pretty nurse. Backdated to March 6.

Mmmmm, I'm so lucky to have you. )
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Bobbi and Lorna investigate the death of a second victim, an unnamed busker, and are approached by a mysterious informant.

Of course they're connected - they're all connected. )
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Lorna and Alex have their "First" date. And are cute, lovable dorks. Backdated to November 20, 2015.

I would say you are a healthy dose of not poison. )
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Quentin and Lorna have what starts out as a pleasant, deep conversation, but in true Quire fashion, ends up kind of a wreck.

It isn't about how big your balls are. )
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Alex and Lorna clean out their apartment and discuss some Important Things. Backdated to Saturday.

And I...want to be able to give this back to you, eventually. )
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Lorna and Alex leave for California. Lorna is already unamused. It's going to be a long trip.

Very bubble-gummy. Very Taylor Swift. )


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