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Jubilee has an assignment for Hope...

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Hope finds her first target. 

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On to the next location: the library... 

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Some targets are more intimidating then others... or when Hope encountered Scott

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Chatting with a friend brings Hope another chess piece.

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The search continues outside. 

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There are others who are masters of the art of distraction: enter Marie-Ange

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And another one aka Clarice in the Medlab.

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A final target.... 

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And evaluation time! 

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Marie-Ange finds a sleepy witch on her couch. And it's not even the one who actually lives there. Backdated to March 6, following the Avengers plot.

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Marie-Ange follows up with Namor on his request to help catalog Ancient Atlantis' history along with Kitty.

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Jubilee has an important question for Marie-Ange

Seriously backdated log, so much so that I can't remember what date it should be, so just go with it as long, long ago.

Amanda would never. She would have me stab you and leave you in a flooded dumpster with meth sprinkled on you )
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Drunk Alex meets maybe-drunk-maybe-just-weird Marie-Ange (Spoiler: Just weird) at Gabriel's BBQ. Backdated to September 16.

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Marie-Ange wanders in on Warren while he's getting some 100% sunshine time and somehow she decides this means Warren is her new favorite person to draw.

Art modeling is easy when it is one on one. You lounge in a particular pose, and I try not to spend forty-five minutes drawing your... )
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Marie-Ange decides to help Wade with his ridiculous snowburn. Rather, she decides to pay someone else to help him and goes along for the ride.

No, but how do we feel about cucumber and ground almonds? )

MA and Doug

Feb. 7th, 2016 06:40 pm
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Backdated literally a year because I am the worst.

MA and Doug on the ski trip. Just some idle-chat.

You can replace it by imagining Wade's face when I also tell him I am making him get a pedicure. )
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Cypher, Heat Wave and Lucky streak hit the labs, and find plenty of opposition.

Three blondes walk into a bar… )

...While Tarot, Jewel and the Invisible Girl are more direct and use the front door.

Surrender now or prepare to be punched. )

Outnumbered and outgunned, it’s time to make a break for it.

You know I think they plan to make putting a hole in them difficult )


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