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When Molly and Sooraya are accosted by a giant spider, Molly end up trying to tame it... 

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What happens when you put two inventors in a room together? Awesomeness!

I wonder if maybe we shouldn't have tried to re-invent a trebuchet. )
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Molly and Topaz go out for calzones. They are reminded of past missions, and talk turns toward the future.

The only superhero theme song I know is bloody Sailor Moon. )
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Bevatron and Bruiser are thrown into the fray together as Thor returns from his Blink related trip.

I think Thor is playing hide and seek with me. )
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Visiting a local comic convention Molly and Stephen run into a mini me situation.

Molly Hayes, Cultural Ambassador. )
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The next morning, the group discusses some of the previous day's events — and oddities — while looking forward to going home.

I don't have vodka for the shot that statement requires... )
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Our intrepid heroes plan their inevitable confrontation with Fixer as best they can, initially attempting to convince him to change his mind. However, fights break out across the room as those not infected with nanites attempt to stop those who are.

Bitch, I have had enough of Norbert... )
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Topaz, Molly, and Natasha unexpectedly run into one of their missing teammates. Things don't go as planned... or particularly well. Luckily, backup arrives.

Note: Translations are beneath a secondary cut at the bottom of the post.

In a single snap, everything was clear. Norbert wasn't awesome. )

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Clint misses his check-in, so Natasha calls Coulson to apprise him of the situation... but instead of initiating evac protocols, she decides to use the backup plan she and Clint agreed on while SHIELD scrambles a response team.

We should totally make those hours count, shouldn't we? )

Having arrived at Clint's last known location, the women set about planning how to infiltrate Barrow's airport.

As long as you promise to never call it a Jedi mindtrick again, sure... )

Using Topaz's magic, Natasha's hacking prowess, and Molly's lockpicking skills, the women infiltrate the airport's main hangar.

Tada... )
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Having arrived the previous day, our group of intrepid investigators settles into a safe house on the outskirts of Barrow and makes sure everybody knows their covers.

I'd bugger off too if I was stuck in this sun-less, god-less frozen hell... )
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The group is surprised by the arrival of a group of green, human-ish shaped people. Violent, green, human-ish shaped people.

Hey fishdicks, who's next? )


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