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It's a normal Sunday - except for one thing. Or maybe, since it's Xavier's, it is normal.

All right, let's go on a bug hunt. )
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Backdated to February 8

Monica visits Hank in the labs to talk about getting a better idea of how her powers work. And falls off a stool.

That's fascinating. )
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Alison, Rahne, and Tabitha try to do a good deed when they find a lost child. And regret the choice pretty quickly.

Do you need help finding your parents? )

After seeing the girls disappear, Clea and Stephen gather any available GenXers, and the group ends up with an unusual ally.

Do you know how many horror movies start out this way? What could possibly go wrong? )
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Checking on Maya after various dramas, Nica makes tentative moves towards friendship.

I don't need managing. )
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Shortly after school starts, Bas and Nica run into each other in person. There is chat about things military and air force, powers demonstrations and unwelcome skritching.

But I'm not that interesting. Yours is much better. Especially if there's creatures. )
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Hazarding an exploration of the grounds, Nica comes across Bobby doing what Bobby does best. And is suitably impressed.

So, you MAKE ice? Out of your bare hands? )
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Monica's first interaction with a mansion resident is a little more surreal than she anticipated.

Photosynthesis first - then food. )


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