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Dom and Gabriel get to know each other a little better while on a job.

Live fast die young, isn't that the saying? )
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Domino and Warren get up to shenanigans under the full moon; Dom calls in a favour.

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Domino comes to visit Kevin in his room after a drunken night at the club

Backdated to the 12th

I know all those words are English, but the construction is an unknown meaning to me. )
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The rest of X-Force starts the evacuation as they leave the ship and the passengers to their own devices

“I )
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Someone touched something they shouldn't have, and suddenly it's all going to hell. X-Force might want to leave on the closer side of right now.

Less 'bloody helling,' more running. Now. )
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A few members of X-Force (and guest Jean Grey for medical and psi-support) gather to discuss a plan for extracting Emma Frost's clones from a scary secret Canadian mountaintop base.

Anybody know any good places to buy longjohns? )
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Kevin and Domino meet at Harry's for a birthday drink. They discuss life since coming to the mansion and the usefulness of various powers when it comes to ensuring comfortable undergarments.

Pretty sure when Kane said 'they can be rather eccentric' we should've taken off running instead of asking about the meal plan. )
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Kevin and Nina follow the banking trail, making a deal with a panicked mercenary for a meeting in Africa

Maybe they never tried setting her on fire before. Rookie mistake. )


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