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Quentin and Gabriel catch up while preparing for a night of drugs, booze, and anonymous sex. Happy Pride, guys!

Why would you give up such a high position on the gay hierarchy? Abdicating your throne. )
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Quentin and Sooraya search for Kaori and Ray. Unfortunately they don't have to go far... 

Trigger warning: Graphic depictions and discussions of lynching. 

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Kane arrives and they deal with the police. 

Trigger warning: Graphic depictions and discussions of lynching. 

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Lorna and Quentin bring Collin home to his mother, and the small family tries to figure out what to do next. Slightly backdated due to plot runner brain failure.

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Quentin and Hank have a friendly discussion about mutant advocacy and passing privilege.

Self-preservation is a strong drug. )
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Hours after Everett's revelation and Jean-Paul's utter failure to distract himself, he decides to look elsewhere for something to take his mind off of his questions regarding his career as an Olympic skier.

WARNING: Semi (possibly) explicit sexual content. Mostly just hinted at, but it's in there. Also, BDSM. Sort of. Nothing hardcore, but it's more than just hinted at. JP isn't in a good headspace, but he's 100% consenting, etc, since he seeks Quentin out.

Just to be clear, we're talking about you and me fucking, right? )
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Maya tries to show Quentin where she comes from and why she is as she is, and he could not be more dismissive if he tried.

Don't mistake morbid curiosity for concern. )
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Quentin and Warren have a downright cordial discussion about their lives as mutants. The drug use might have facilitated this.

Everyone ought to have a passion in life, even if that passion is fratricide. )
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Gabriel and Quentin sneak away from Gabriel's party for some birthday fun. Let's be on the safe side and say it's NSFW-ish.

The brutal overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the kyriarchical regime. Or a pony. )
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Xavin continues some post-second-day-of-school revelry with Quentin, and they both decide to explore more about themselves. Gets kind of blue towards the end . . .

I don't want to be subversive. I had a good family before I found out that I was a mutant and started living like this. )
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Quentin and Gabriel get dinner and drinks after work. It's totally not a date. Even though Gabriel voices some personal concerns he's never told anyone else and Quentin suggests a vacation for just the two of them. Nope, not a date.

You know. I figured if you were ever gonna die early it'd be because you and I drove a car of a cliff all Thelma and Louise-like. )
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Quentin and Alex are reluctantly on a case to track a wayward teen but find their job compromised when they discover just what the kid has been doing.

Hi, I've been watching you from the bushes for the last fifteen minutes because your parents hired me. 'Sup? )


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