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It's a normal Sunday - except for one thing. Or maybe, since it's Xavier's, it is normal.

All right, let's go on a bug hunt. )
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Sooraya seeks out and finds Rahne, who has been avoiding as many people as she could after being rescued from the Slendermen. Rahne is having trouble coping and it's not just about being kidnapped.

'...Like, oh nay, the wee children got taken into another dimension, whoops!' )
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Alison, Rahne, and Tabitha try to do a good deed when they find a lost child. And regret the choice pretty quickly.

Do you need help finding your parents? )

After seeing the girls disappear, Clea and Stephen gather any available GenXers, and the group ends up with an unusual ally.

Do you know how many horror movies start out this way? What could possibly go wrong? )
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Rahne's a little nervous about being alone with Maya and, in an attempt to avoid it, manages to do the complete opposite. It ends well, except for Xavin's poor controller.

'You don't have to stick around if you don't want - I know I kinda freak you out.' )
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Backdated to Maya's first day in the suite - whatever that date was. It was a friday tho!!

Maya moves in - it goes as well as you might expect.

Furiosa was about to start being awesome and nope, not missing that. )
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Rahne's indulging in her new favorite American past time - snacking - when she finally meets Gabriel face to face. They share chips and she manages to even have a little bit of fun.

If a wolf could look cheeky... )
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Sooraya's out for a ride when she spots Rahne's wolf form heading for the woods. She waits out the transformation but then discovers there's an issue.

'I'm naked. Again.' )
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Rogue, Miles and Sooraya travel to Muir island to meet up with Jean for a student pick up.

'My name is Rahne, though - ah, ye all probably knew that already' )

Rahne and Miles aren't frequent fliers and trying to get to know each other gets ... messy.

How much could such a little person carry in her? )

Rahne's powers are unpredictable and it's a good thing they didn't fly commercial.

'i wanna go home' )

Finally. Home.

She scuffed her foot slightly, hesitating, before realizing it wasn't like she could stay on the plane forever. )
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Rahne gets to meet Illyana and Xavin, her new suitemates. It's overwhelming and a bit weird at times but at the end, there's the offer of food.

Because maybe it was time to bring out the Illyana Warnings. )
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Just a quiet dinner in the boathouse with Sooraya, Nathan and the telepathic baby... what, floating alphabet blocks aren't the norm at most meals? But Sooraya isn't phased, and she gets a chance to practice her English as well as hear a little poetry.

~'If because of your generosity and love, a few humans find their lives, what do you think will happen?'~ )


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