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Ev meets a struggling Reed on a treadmill, and after a bumpy start, offers him a job.

I want to research you. )
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What happens when you put two inventors in a room together? Awesomeness!

I wonder if maybe we shouldn't have tried to re-invent a trebuchet. )
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A chance encounter in the Stormtech labs leads to the creation of a Science Mafia, be afraid, be very afraid.

Why thank you fairy godfather )
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Reed and Hank have a manly chat about their relationships and sex lives... or lack thereof.

You're a virgin. )
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Reed's attempt to talk to Sue in the lab doesn't go quite how he expects it to.

your space pants look amazing today )
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Gabriel introduces Reed to Grindr. Reed introduces Gabriel to something best described as "awkward earnestness."

Oh, buddy. That's not people. That's Grindr. )
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Matt goes looking for Clint and finds Reed. That's not at all reassuring given the sciencing that goes on.

I don't trust either of you not to blow yourselves up. )


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