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After failing to trigger North's precognition while sparring, he and Wade set up shop to leave some surprises for the thieves in their lives.

I suppose that would be tamer than the pressure release knives I have set up for Jubilation. )
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Clarice and Wade agree to exchange knowledge... of swords and knives.

There can be only one... )
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Marie-Ange decides to help Wade with his ridiculous snowburn. Rather, she decides to pay someone else to help him and goes along for the ride.

No, but how do we feel about cucumber and ground almonds? )
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Gabriel and Wade accidentally have a bonding moment. Sort of. (Also, OOC shoutout to Erin for the artisanal jams idea. <3)

Half of you are, like, sleeping together or have slept together or want to sleep together. )
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Logan and Wade meet up to see who found the most items on their list of random items requested by people inside and outside of the mansion. Then food.

How the hell do we know all these weirdos, anyway? )
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Someone touched something they shouldn't have, and suddenly it's all going to hell. X-Force might want to leave on the closer side of right now.

Less 'bloody helling,' more running. Now. )


Dec. 18th, 2015 12:41 am
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The team arrives in Canada and quickly track down the source of the strange telepathic message. Things don't quite seem right, however.

There's probably a lake of fire and sharks with laser beams on their head in there. )
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A few members of X-Force (and guest Jean Grey for medical and psi-support) gather to discuss a plan for extracting Emma Frost's clones from a scary secret Canadian mountaintop base.

Anybody know any good places to buy longjohns? )
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Wade meets up with an old friend and gets a little bit more than he bargained for.

I can hear you, you know... )
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Wade, Marie-Ange, Doug, and Emma meet to discuss North's potential mental state as well as the few loose ends allowed to blow in the wind until they tangle themselves up.

There we are: the world's most patient and deliciously dangerous banana peel, waiting right at their feet. )
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Wade and Wanda agree to field transfusions to replenish David's blood after a hurried check with Laurie to make sure their blood types are compatible.

Find - anything, bandages, we need to get those wounds closed. )

Clarice 'ports in, taking North, Wade, and Wanda directly to the medlab before going back for the rest of the team. Cecilia works to stabilize North, but winds up calling in Felicia for another transfusion, just to be on the safe side.

You have decent cookies here, right? Not the powdery supermarket bullshit? You seem like someone who understands cookies. )


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