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Wanda stops by Kyle's suite, and they share donuts and don't share coffee and talk about all the things Kyle's questioning in his life.

Half a dozen, Kyle, no money expected. Are you part of a donut mafia? )
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Wanda's spending some time in the gym when Ev stops by. There's some mutual ogling before Wanda fills him in on the biggest thing that's happened to her since they were at the mansion together - Chthon.

'You are amazing, I have to say.' 'Well, you certainly aren't ~wrong~.' )
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The rest of X-Force starts the evacuation as they leave the ship and the passengers to their own devices

“I )
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Wanda, Felicia, Doug, and Clint time their infiltration of the facility where Natasha is being held very carefully. There are still a few surprises in store for them.

WARNING: Violence, gore, and (mentions of/implied) torture.

Why. Why would you bring that up? You know I'm a visual person... )
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The group finds a safe place to stay the night and takes stock of the day's events.

Impossibility is a kiss away from reality. )

Quentin retreats into a portion of the Astral Plane and inadvertently drags Gabriel with him. Because this wasn't weird enough already.

Without the past, there would be nothing to think about, let alone someone to think it. )


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