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The kids gather to start Stephen’s newly acquired game. And things get a little… creepy. And crawly.

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Xavin continues some post-second-day-of-school revelry with Quentin, and they both decide to explore more about themselves. Gets kind of blue towards the end . . .

I don't want to be subversive. I had a good family before I found out that I was a mutant and started living like this. )
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Quentin comes to berate Xavin for thinking too loudly, but it actually ends up a pleasant conversation about Xavin's abilities.

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"Because I don't know what to do anymore. I love this place. It's dramatic and oppressive, but it's the closest thing to a true family I've ever known."

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"Rogue! Rogue, are you in there?" Xavin asked, banging on the door to her suite. "Are you in there?"

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Backdated to Maya's first day in the suite - whatever that date was. It was a friday tho!!

Maya moves in - it goes as well as you might expect.

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Jean-Paul has a fan he didn't know about and Xavin winds up starting a conversation that neither of them are particularly expecting.

Warning: Slurs related to sexual orientation used. Also, (potentially) internalized homophobia, depending on how you read things.

Sometimes I just miss my old life and my family and everything, you know? )
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Xavin and Maya settle in to the whole roommate thing - not long till 'Little Miss Anger issues' pushes Xavin too far.

Not. An. Ice. Addict. )
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Rahne gets to meet Illyana and Xavin, her new suitemates. It's overwhelming and a bit weird at times but at the end, there's the offer of food.

Because maybe it was time to bring out the Illyana Warnings. )


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