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While Hawaii settles, Alex goes to face a miserable Vida...and as proof of how he has changed from this, he forgives her.

You gave me something. And you took something. So in return...I forgive you Vida. )
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As Shiro is searching for Alex, Alex realizes a fault in the machine containing him...

How did I know that you would be involved with this? )


An enraged Pele tracks the boys down before they can reach safety. Shiro takes out his anger on her while Alex comes up with a plan to stop her once and for all.

This had to work. This had to end...now. )
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While Alex is doing some work for Dr. Rocca at the Kilauea lab, Vida comes to visit him and brings him lunch. They flirt a bit before Alex finds out why the tacos taste funny.

And here I was hoping you'd just sweep the papers off the desk and make wild passionate love to me regardless. )


A flashback to Thanksgiving Day: After witnessing the accidental kiss of Alex and Lorna, Vida goes to her mother to tell her that she's ready

He was always meant to betray you )


The process of awakening the goddess with the power of the outsider begins with a ceramony

Hula is the language of the heart and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawai`ian people )
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While surfing in Hawaii, Alex and his friends discover a "newly" manifested mutant causing a mini-rainstorm.

I just washed my hair this morning )
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Alex relives a memory of a happier time, celebrating his and Lorna's anniversery in Alaska.

Disclaimer: yes we can not last very long with out Alex/Lorna fluff, we apologize...nah, no we don't.

You don't want to go…um…what do you do in Alaska anyway? )
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As he promised in his e-mail, Alex calls his grandparents. Deborah even suggests a visit to cheer him up. For once in Hawaii, Alex is really happy.

Really? You mean, come here, to Hawaii? Really? )
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After another short, yet different, phone call from Lorna, Alex needs some reassuring from his best friend.

It's nice that you called at a reasonable hour this time. )
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Scott calls Alex to give him the good news. There's considerably less glee. Alex is not doing all that well in Lorna's absence.

You did WHAT? )
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Alex calls Shiro after just laying there for a bit, not realizing that while it was 9:30 in Hawaii it was 3:30 in the morning at the mansion.

Do you know what time it is? )
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With Friends Like These

LAX has a way of making the world smaller. Lorna runs into an old high school friend and isn't pleased about it.

The best mirror is an old friend. )

Trust and Be Deceived

Lorna does some fast talking and promises to be right back.

If one is to be called a liar, one may as well make an effort to deserve the name. )

The Dark Side of M&Ms

Lorna meets a man who is the best there is at what he does. It's a bad idea to cross a magnekinetic with a plan.

No doubt Jack the Ripper excused himself on the grounds that it was human nature. )

Now with new, correct journal goodness!
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While watching the Dodgers game, Alex and Mr. Dane discuss a couple things. And yes, the shotgun is mentioned, but not in the same way.

You call that baseball! What's wrong with you! Get him off the field! )
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Lorna and Alex continue to plan for Hawaii and schedule a short trip to look at apartments. Backdated.

Wouldn't it be nice? )
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Tuesday morning, Alex and Lorna arrive in Anguilla for the vacation that Nate and Moira gave her as a thank you for the wedding catering. There be no plot here. There shall be no plot here. This is a plot free, angst-free and entirely content free zone.

To bermuda, bahama come on pretty mama//Key largo, montego baby why don’t we go )
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Lorna apologizes for being busy; Alex gets a letter from U of H. They are typically adorable together. Look here not for plot. Diabetics need not apply. Apologies for the poor French.

This is much cooler than any wedding planning for other people ever. )
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Alex comes over to congratulate Hank on the baby and give him a present. They talk about the nusery and baby proofing and Hank even gets in another wedding crack.

Coming to congratulate his bluest brother properly on his upcoming adoption! )


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