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It's time for trust exercises. Blindfolds galore, terrible coordination and lots of bitching about how stupid this is. And then things get worse.

A selection of experiences )
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Times Square. Entertainment center of the universe. Where else would you expect carnivorous tourists to head for?

You're going to get as many people out of here as you can and I'm going to...stop the dinosaurs. Uh...somehow. )

Giant bugs. They're not just for the jungle anymore. Somehow, a can of Raid ain't going to cut it.

Since when did the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj open? )

When besieged by a superior force, Thermopylae was held by 300 Spartans. The Queensboro Bridge gets... two.

Cutting 'em in half don't count for two! )

And batting cleanup...

It would seem rather bizarre to him afterwards that he could handle ghosts from the future and the concept of demons, but not dinosaurs. )
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Doubts are just part of being human. Still, thirty minutes is kind of a pathetic hold out, don't you think?

I could make a difference here. )
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Lorna and Alex have a fight in the hallway. Wow, it's like they never broke up. Or...every time they broke up. Something like that.

You're not cute. Don't even think that you're cute. )
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The brothers Summers have a training session. Alex takes an important step forward with his powers. Scott takes... a step back?

On or off. No wonder I feel like a battery. )
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Lorna's studying, Alex is looking for dinner. Together, they fight crime. They talk shop.

I got distracted. It was a nice day. )

Hours later, Nathan gets home from Tel Aviv and wanders through the kitchen where Lorna has claimed the table in the name of Academia.

I'm going to burn the building down and I won't have to take this test. )
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After the whole mess with Shiro and Clarice earlier, Alex goes to tell Scott about him and Shiro before another accident happens. It...doesn't exactly go according to plan and motivations are discussed.

When you said you hoped she didn't have delusions of goddesshood...it would be better if you'd hope he didn't have delusions of godhood )
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Alex comes to see Lorna during her office hours. Alot of stuff is said, not all of it is meant. Alex comes out of it feeling a bit better, Lorna not so much.

It's an insane situation already. )
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Lorna comes to visit Alex the day after his birthday bearing Tylenol, juice and his birthday present. Everything goes relatively okay...until she happens to hint at something Alex didn't know she knew thanks to the Dream. Shiro arrives as Lorna is leaving and finally explains to Alex what really happened and how Lorna found out about them. Alex freaks out for must of this.

Of course Shiro had told him all that happened. Why wouldn't he? )
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Thanks to their playful puppies, Lorna and Alex run into each other in the sunroom and end up having a little chat. In spite of the Awkward, it's a familiar, comfortable chat.

We need traffic signs or something. This is turning into the Autobahn. )
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After Kyle find outs about them Shiro returns to their room to break the news to Alex. Alex takes it much better and calms Shiro down.

Kyle knows. )
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Three logs set for today because they all just happened to be finished at the same time.

This morning, Shiro speaks with Alex about what happened the evening of the winter ball, and they come to an understanding of sorts.

If it makes you feel more secure in your masculinity, sure I'm a girl. )

Ororo is already back in the headmistress groove when Shiro comes knocking. It's yet another piece of good news for him.

Hearing such comments from people he respected felt almost as good as opening a brand new box of Pocky. )

And to make this day even better, Forge shows Shiro his new X-Men uniform and all of the modifications they designed. It's pretty sweet.

I owe Clarice a kicking for actually having all Marie's measurements prepared. I was actually looking forward to that part. )
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Lorna comes by to see Alex before the Ball. They are cute...until they both are bitterly reminded that they are just friends and then it just turns awkward.

Welcome back to the madhouse, Alex. )

little late because I had to go be social
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Reunited at last, our two favorite solar-powered plasma wielders decide to keep away from the ball and watch martial arts movies instead. And then, it finally happens. Yes, it. How long will it last and will they come out of it okay? Only time will tell.

Maybe I like psychopaths...are you a psychopath? )
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The first thing Alex does upon returning to the mansion is go see his older brother. Scott drags him down to the med lab as Alex tells him about his change of attitude. Needless to say Scott is relieved. This is the Summers brothers at their best.

Funny thing about those wayward little brothers. They usually turn up again. )
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While Hawaii settles, Alex goes to face a miserable Vida...and as proof of how he has changed from this, he forgives her.

You gave me something. And you took something. So in return...I forgive you Vida. )
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As Shiro is searching for Alex, Alex realizes a fault in the machine containing him...

How did I know that you would be involved with this? )


An enraged Pele tracks the boys down before they can reach safety. Shiro takes out his anger on her while Alex comes up with a plan to stop her once and for all.

This had to work. This had to end...now. )


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