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Scott checks on Alison, who's soldiering on very determinedly, even if the strain is starting to show. Scott manages to be encouraging, and even gets her to laugh.

We are not going to fix your stubborn ass of a boyfriend only to have any doubt over who owns it. His ass, I mean. )
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6.30am // Moira, after speaking to Shaw himself by teleconference, goes to tell Alison the bad news: the delivery of new cyberware for Haroun is indeed being purposely blocked.

Needless to say, the news triggers a reaction.

I am city // I am the park // I am glow in the motherfucking dark // I am shocked and I seethe // I don't want to believe no more  )


When you decide to do something a little crazy, you might as well stack the odds in your favor. Too bad Shaw didn't do that. Cain gets to step our of the decontamination chamber a bit sooner than planned thanks to his invulnerability. It's not fun. He is also handed a very big shiny present a few months before Christmas. It makes up for the not fun.

Where you're hiding, the shine off the wall // Stop giving it up now cause you're gonna find yourself a mastermind in time // Rockstar, what's mine is yours // Rockstar, you're looking good // You're looking to find a fight )


The Plan is simple. Go in, break stuff, take what you want and then walk away. Agents Guy Incognito and Carlotta Divine are on the job, and who needs to complicate things with a Plan B anyway?

Well, it's one for the money // Two for the show // Three to get ready // Now go, cat, go )


Cain gets his present and has much fun. Alison lets the boys play to their hearts' content while getting a little work done. The Shaw Industries building and main entrance outside get something of a redesign.

When figures from the past stand tall // And mocking voices ring the hall // Imperialistic house of prayer // Conquistadores who took their share )


It's amazing how attitudes change when the paperwork is put into order. Alison and Cain go pick up the parts needed for Haroun, the whole process going off without a hitch. Which is just plain normal when you consider the circumstances.

We walked the narrow path, beneath the smoking skies // Sometimes you can barely tell the difference between darkness and light // Do you have faith in what we believe? // The truest test is when we cannot, when we cannot see. )
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Alison gets the psychic distress call, and scrambles her team.

The wolf is at the door. Awaiting instructions. )
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While on comm duty, Alison receives a phone call through one of the older and rarely used numbers at the mansion. It will set in motion an unexpected cascade of events, to say the least.

Yes, I need to talk to Jim Logan... )
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Backdated to the day after Alison's return from the Haunted Winnebago trip. Terry has a music lesson and for once, absolutely doesn't mind the fact that it ends early. Probably due to all the new boyfriend glee and the chance to squee about it before being sent off to find Bobby.

Oh sure, not focused she says. Yeesh, whadja take me for anyway, kid? )
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After the events of the day, Alison finds Nathan working on an update for the database on the Pack's African 'adventure'. Frustration is the order of the night for Nathan, and Alison finds out that it's been building for a while, helped along by the sleep deprivation traditional for new parents.

Done. I guess that means I can go back upstairs now. Joy! )
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Alison tells Jay who the mysterious visitor down in the medlab is, and offers him some perspective before he totally flies off the handle.

Ya know damn well what he did ta me, and ya still can just bring him in like he's some . . . some innocent? )
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Backdated log, to August 26th or so, during the drive up to see Jamie's uncle Harvey about a haunted Winnebago. Illyana and Alison in the same car! Featuring snark, pouting and speeding bullets cars!

I'm just . . . thinking. Maybe you're just having trouble with your vision. I've heard that happens. You know. With... time. )


Wednesday morning. It's time to act on that deal that was made! Jean takes a swim, accompanied by Alison's cheering and teasing. The lake is conquered!

Turtles are fat. )
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Alison stops by to see Scott. He broaches the subject of her trying her hand at back-up duty for the weekend. She is receptive. More than receptive. Enthusiastic is not the word.

Alison did her best not to leap over to the couch to beat him over the head with a chair to make sure he stayed out for longer than a few days. )
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Haroun goes to the dentist to get his teeth fixed from his encounter with Mr Soviet-Era Cinderblock Wall. Alison goes with him. Fluffy McFluff-Fluff the Fluffth.

Couple of days, I'll be good as new. You know it, I know it. )
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Haroun and Alison hit the mat for a little hand-to-hand work. Therapeutic, in a way, and progress is assuredly made. Sat early Tuesday morning.

You done, or do you think you can worm your way out of my leglock? )
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After receiving the call from Lorna and passing along the message, Forge gets a visit from Alison demanding clarification. Some humorous misunderstandings lead to a serious offer. Set early morning Tuesday.

Wait, Lorna's having a baby?  )
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During the BBQ, people get splashed of course, which is always bound to happen. Alison won't be wearing a white shirt near the water again for some time, now though, and Jamie realizes that not remembering stuff is still sometimes a clear indication of things leaving a mark.

Jamie. Could you please get me a towel? )
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Early afternoon. A bit before the BBQ, Alison decides to take a break from helping with the Blackbird repairs and goes to visit Moira. Baby ambushes are considered to be cheating, highly so.

Rachel's goin' ta be a killer at 'ide an' seek when she gets older. )


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