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Scott and Alison take a few minutes outside, away from the tension in the mansion, to process a few things that were threatening to get lost amid the crisis.

I knew you never liked me. )
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Alison stops in to see Nathan, who's occupying the couch and not feeling all that well. Fever or no fever, he manages to be somewhat lucid and they talk. It's not a goodbye, but some fairly significant things are said.

Spoiling my bird again, Blaire? )
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Set for the morning of the 7th, Cain checks his mail and finds a promise fulfilled he didn't expect, and something he's been waiting a year for.

'So. What are you going to do?' 'Kill him.' )
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Nathan has a last moment with Askani. Saul has a last moment with Gideon. Their last moments are of a very different sort, and the X-Men aren't bringing everyone home today.

What thou lovest well remains... )
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The X-Men land in Ushuaia and tackle Gideon's security detail, including some familiar faces from Vladivostok. Meanwhile, Gideon tries one last time to synch to Nathan's precognition - and is successful.

Which is precisely what Nathan wanted. In the process, Nathan discovers that what he didn't see is something he should have expected all alone. Or rather, someone.

The Moving Finger writes; and having writ... )
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In Rio, the team finds the house, a day too late. But Alison and Saul also find something left behind for them - and not by Nathan. Elsewhere, Nathan finds himself in the right place. All that's left to do is wait.

The hours fly, the hours fall. )
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Haroun and Alison are having Yet Another go-around on their wedding plans. Finally, mad inspiration strikes and they leap to implement it before anyone else can stop them.

Now don't you step on my blue suede shoes... )
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Nathan stands on a rooftop in the snow and keeps an eye on things. He is possibly pouting just a little at the role he finds himself in, but doesn't let that stop him from doing his part of the job.

He had to just sit tight, be patient. Not something he was particularly good at. )

As the meeting starts, Gideon's security detail, delayed by the snow and rushing to meet their boss, runs into a spot of trouble. Cain doesn't precisely meet his match, but he does meet someone who can hold their own.

Just a friendly ambush. )

Haroun tackles the flyer in the group, focusing on keeping her from getting to her boss.

Why was it that every powered flyer but him had some sort of defensive bodyshield? )

Kurt finds someone who likes to play with knives.

It might have worked, if he wasn't dealing with a professional gymnast and teleporter. )

Alison takes on an energy-projector who is somewhat lacking in her follow-through - surprising, given her employer, but Alison takes full advantage of it.

Next time, don't play around. )

The X-Men's diversionary tactic works exceptionally well, leaving Gideon with precisely one mutant to synch to at the meeting site. He opens the box and gets a nasty surprise. Pete enjoys himself just a little, but sadly, doesn't get to have quite as much fun as he'd hoped.

Next time, I'm fucking travelling business class, alright? )

The two teams regroup at the Blackbird, and Scott and Alison take stock.

Everyone all right? )

Nathan and Pete hook back up and stop for a bit of a breather before heading back to the plane. Pete laments how minimal the violence was. Nathan gets a precognitive flicker and a nasty little idea as to how to rub Gideon's nose in things. It doesn't take much to talk Pete into it.

The rest of you got to have all the fun. )
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On the ground in Vladivostok, Scott makes a voice-scrambled call to set up the critical part of the All-New and Expanded Grand Plan.

Just call me Deep Throat. )

Scott and Piotr take a train ride. Piotr brings vodka. Yes, the vodka is part of the plan. It's helpful having a local expert along when you want to put one over on the criminal underworld.

Two minutes and ten dollars say that they are all unable to look at anything but their navels. )

Scott gets into the freight car and finds the crate containing Gideon's cargo. The girl in the box is a little disoriented, not unexpectedly.

It's all right. I'm here to help. I'm not with them. )

Sam plays catch the train. Then he gets to play ‛knight in shining armor'. As he gets the girl out of there, someone else gets put in the box.

One Kentucky Cannonball Express coming up. This can be a mite loud. )

Meanwhile, back in Vladivostok, Alison and Nathan arrange to have one more angle covered.

We could use some help. )
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After the COs finish their conference, Nathan stops in the Situation Room to give Alison some of the information she wanted. He looks over the careful plan for a straight-out rescue mission and muses about how nice it would be if they could screw Gideon a little more completely than simply blowing this deal for him. Alison starts to see the possibilities.

Can I see the Great Plan? Remember we only have a Great Plan because Mac loves me. )
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Wanda relaxes a little bit, not far from home, but is worried about her recent health, mental and otherwise. When she makes a decision to go see Charles, someone takes an exception.

~God money nail me up against the wall.~ )

Someone wakes up, but it's not Wanda.

God money don’t want everything he wants it all. )

Chthon gets the feel of the new legs--and body--but realizes he needs something more. Decided to create a new host needs someone else and he tries Wanda's charms out on Kurt.

~Head like a hole/Black as your soul.~ )

Despite Chthon's best efforts not to be noticed, Angie gets a flash that something isn't quite right.

You’re going to get what you deserve. )

With Kurt an unsuccessful attempt, Chthon realizes that there's someone else a lot more powerful to try and get things on with. Cain doesn't even realize what's hit him.

I’d rather die than give you control. )

Scott sounds the call.

~Bow down before the one you serve/You’re going to get what you deserve.~ )

And the X-Men heed it, much to Cain's boat house dismay and much to Cain's dismay. Chthon manages to make things go awry and flees off the mansion grounds.

God money let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruised. )

Storm is the first on the scene and Chthon finds himself/herself confronting people who are much more powerful than what was expected. Not that Storm has a better time of it.

God money’s not one to choose )

...where did Wanda go? And what on earth is going on?

~No you can’t take it/No you can’t take that away from me~ )

With Storm down, Sam comes in next. And things get interesting.

~Head like a hole/Black as your soul/I’d rather die than give you control.~ )

Haroun's turn and he manages to do a little better...but not much.

Bow down before the one you serve. )

Alison keeps her distance but manages to keep Chthon busy and distracted long enough.

You’re going to get what you deserve. )

Wanda manages to get a bit of a helping hand.

~Head like a hole/Black as your soul/I’d rather die than give you control.~ )

Jim is called on for a little more telepathic support and, despite everything, he and Nathan, and Charles, manage to do exactly what's needed.

You’re going to get what you deserve. )

In the end, Wanda and Chthon fight for the right to be there and Wanda goes that extra distance. And Lorna reacts just in time to save her not-quite-sister.

You know who you are. )
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Haroun and Alison are kicking around their differing ideas for what kind of wedding they want to have. There's not much agreement here.

Knights in White Satin? )
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Sometimes the day is just too hard to face, and the real measure of a friend is in not asking you to.

... )
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Haroun's made some changes in the ways he goes about his favorite pasttime. And, of course, his fiance gets to be the guinea pig. Likely she'll be feeling it tomorrow.

It would certainly be worth the ride... )
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Having not waited for Terry's reply email, Alison wanders off in search of whatever sound is irritating the young redhead. Having found it, she calls in Forge to the rescue.

Bobby pins? Ew, I don't use those! )


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