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Before Dani sees Dr. Barlet's post, Hank goes to visit her and break the news of his departure to her personally. She does not take it well. yay understatement.

I'm not his mother. )
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Backdated all the way back to the eleventh, Hank and Maddie talk about new job offers and staying together

Run away with me. )
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OOC note: This starts around 9am and concludes in the afternoon around 6pm.

The beginning of the end ; Jean, Maddie, Hank and Dr. Hawksmoor prepare to begin the surgery to remove Haroun's existing cyberware in its entirety. Along the way Maddie finds telepathy does have its benefits.


On this medical battlefield... )

Scenes from a surgery. Alison watches and listens, while around her drama unfolds.


For as long as it might take. )

Hours later, there's the mop-up, and time for relief.


All right, big guy, let's get you back in the tank so you can rest up for your big day. )
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Watching the news as part of the 'responsible adult' thing before indulging in shameless cute, Hank and Maddie catch the FOH rally.

Does that look like a stress-manifestation to you? )
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The X-Men pick up their patient in Maine, exercising all due caution around Amber's out-of-control absorption powers.

That certainly was a big, black plane. )

Back at the mansion, Scott kicks Lorna off coms duty so that he can take the shift himself. It turns out that the flight is not going to be as straightforward as they hoped.

Control freak and proud of it. )

In the center of the storm, the Blackbird has a little accident.

Mother Nature is a little over her head. )

Trust this to be the mission where the majority of passengers are under the age of twenty. Some of them handle the emergency landing better than others.

Coping mechanism, coping mechanism, who's got the coping mechanism... )

They land mostly intact, but Hank and Kurt discover quickly that they have a new problem.

Murphy strikes again. )

Ororo reports back to Scott on the situation.

She's never going to live it down. )

Forge tries to repair the containment chamber, while Angie tries to keep Amber calm.

Sightseeing on St. Kilda. )

Some time later, the plane's ready to go, but the containment chamber is still not functioning. A power source is required, and Forge has an inspiration.

Lightning does strike twice. )

The Blackbird takes off again, heading for Muir. Jubilee helps Amber stay calm for the rest of the journey.

Back on track. Everyone take a deep breath now. )
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Upon receiving Jean's email, Doctors 1 and 3 discuss what is to be done. The voice of reason prevails.,

Besides, living where we do, there will be crises for all, I'm sure. )
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(Backdated to Tuesday morning) Amanda comes to the Medlab in search of treatment, and is a bit disconcerted to find Hank the only one there. Although they still have absolutely nothing in common, they manage to be polite to each other, and Hank tries to keep the fussing to a minimum.

Meggan is picky when it comes to smells, isn't she? I'm told her face the first time she encountered a dill pickle was a sight to behold. )
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Hank and Maddie have an evening alone together, uninterrupted, for the first time in quite a long time. There are confessions, issues are raised and dealt with... and they finally take that next step in their relationship.

I think, if we stick to the previously instituted policy of complete honesty about our relationship, we'll be all right. )
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Two baby-featuring logs. In the first, Maddie stops by and catches Billy's after-lunch bath. They work out when Hank's going back on night shifts, agree that Billy is exceptionally cute, and make tentative plans for a picnic date sometime when they've both had a little more sleep. Warning: extreme schmoop.

But without guilt and self-recrimination, how would I keep myself amused all day? )

* * *

After his talk with Maddie, Hank heads outside to get a little sunshine. He runs into Angelo on the porch, and they talk a little about at least one of the things that has been bothering Angelo. Hank lets him hold the baby, and offers to help in what other ways he can.

I'm contemplating chasing Jake through the halls with him. I'm sure he'd run. )
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Hank bolts down to the medlab, barely coherent, as soon as he learns that Dani's labour has started. Maddie intercepts him, and he is calmed down by rational discussion and some kisses.

When baby now is what!? )
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Short bit of date-fluff... Hank and Maddie meet before their date. He is struck speechless, and she is made to smile.

Madelyn Bartlet, this is positively inhumane. )
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After talking to Charles, Hank slips out to the conservatory to get his thoughts in order. He's tired and feeling a little silly, but the problem has been found and dealt with. Jean stops by to ask what was up, and they talk it over. His sense of humour seems to be back.

I am so, so tempted to see if I can find a way to combine our psi-sensitive technology with an alarm of some sort. I don't know about you, but I think those of us who aren't currently getting any would find it vastly amusing if a bell chimed every time an orgasm got its wings. )
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Late Tuesday night, Jubilee finds Hank unwinding a little before bed, and tells him off for getting into a fight with Haroun. He admits it was dumb, and they have a little talk.

Well, it depends on what you would call getting into a macho-ness contest with Haroun... )
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In the name of honesty, Hank confesses his bout of testosterone poisoning to Madelyn. She's not impressed, at first but they manage to sort it out like adults.

Again I find myself asking why/ He's prettier than I am. )


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