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Jean confronts the Dark Phoenix directly and finds more than she bargained for

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Carnage the likes of which the X-Men haven't yet seen visits Muir Island.

Trigger warning: Graphic violence and death.

I didn't want this. I wanted this to be a sanctuary. )
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Backdated: 25th October 2014, early in the morning.

Charles Xavier and Jean Grey go into Laurie's mind to bring her back out of catatonia.

There. They're called desire lines. )
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Jean is woken up after Scott blows a hole through the roof after forgetting to put his ruby sunglasses back on in the middle of the night.

It's happening again. )
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Jean ends up sharing the Box for the night when Topaz ends up down there after burning out her shields at the art fair. (Backdated to August 31.)

I try to treat it like a vacation, so that way I'm not bouncing off the walls. )
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Rogue visits Jean in the Box after the Fury mission and they talk about the mission and Rogue's return.

You think that it's possible to just come home? )
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Jean is out on the town, when she meets a mysterious (and handsome, let's be real) stranger who tries to rob her.

I take it you don't stay in one place for very long )
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Jean and Scott run into Longshot at the Red-X Charity Benefit. A bit drunk, Jean confronts him about his presence on Avalon, to which he has no memory of. Sam runs into Spiral.

Wait, am I being pranked? You almost got me. )


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