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With the team in place around Strucker’s lab in Germany, Remy preps Doug to con his way into the complex and access their security.

Strucker's not de type to just call de cops, neh? )

Betsy, Doug and Amanda arrive at the genetic sample lab, only to discover Strucker’s exploitation of Xavier’s allies doesn’t end with Moira.

I'd like to explain to them that I'm not their personal organ farm. )

Marie-Ange, Wanda, and Kitty successfully make it to the computer lab, only to discover that their worst ideas about what Strucker might be up to with Kevin MacTaggart’s DNA were no where near bad enough.

Letting go in the wrong place would be very, very bad. )

Baron Von Strucker’s mad plans revealed!

It was funny how close the science between prolonging life and propagating death ran and intermixed. )

X-Force hits the main lab, finding the vat of Von Strucker, a small group of genetically modified guards and a lot of places that look like they could use some explosives before finally escaping into the night.

Someone say boom? )
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Around 4am New York time, Kit and Amanda meet with Curt at Muir. The resolution not to tell Moira about what's going on doesn't last very long, and some disturbing discoveries are made.

maybe he's got some twisted idea how to use this to get what he wants. Er, which is to live forever... )
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Doug returns to the mansion to hopefully do some work with Kitty. He heads down to the lab, where he sees a familiar face in a very unfamiliar location.

Like a million little doorways // All the choices we made )

After finishing up work on the AI, Doug runs into Cain in the entryway. He asks Cain to come along with him when he goes to visit Quentin to see if anything's wrong.

All the stages we passed through // All the roles we played )
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After a long and wonderful anniversary day, Jamie and Kitty retire to the treehouse; they are both nervous, they are both thinking about the future . . . and then they find out that they've both been planning to propose. Which pretty much makes the answer moot, but they say it anyway.

But I do know one thing: where you go is where I want to be )
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Wandering around in the morning, Forge runs into Kitty. Some old grudges are brought up and resolved, and it's revealed that both are dealing with not-dissimilar traumas in their own ways.

I think Illyana was disappointed that I came back with the same number of limbs. )
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After the events of Stoker and Stalkers, Ororo comes to check up on the Kitten, who's doing... ok. This one -is- backdated like woah.

I can't just always keep a Jamie by me. I need to be ok without him too, sometimes. )
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Very belatedly, stupid daylong meetings...

Haroun finds Kitty, and she's clearly not at the top of her game.

You high or something? )


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