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After the events of Stoker and Stalkers, Ororo comes to check up on the Kitten, who's doing... ok. This one -is- backdated like woah.

I can't just always keep a Jamie by me. I need to be ok without him too, sometimes. )
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He's not a genius, or a doctor, or a superhero, but you don't always need to be to help out: some time after Kitty vanishes into the server room to crunch code, Jamie brings her food and support and manages to strike a balance between giving her space to work and not letting her work herself into the ground.

And he steals a cookie, because sometimes you just have to steal a cookie.

No food was spilled on delicate computer equipment during the making of this log. )
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Kitty and an apparently very distracted Nathan have a random encounter in the library.

Jamais vu. )
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Having been gossiped at, Kitty tracks down the source for some better information. Terry confirms what Kitty's been told and Kitty does her best not to be traumatized.

Word on the grapevine has it that two of my surrogate siblings have realized that surrogate-hood is not actual sibling-hood. )
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After visiting Akron, Ohio's Mechanical Barbie and the Band of Many Kens (second from the bottom), Jamie and Kitty return to the car to find that not everyone is happy with the whole "road trip" concept.

Everybody else got to go out. Even The 'Yana, who was clearly insane, was allowed to go out. )
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Set after the log where Rachel meets Lockheed (to, er, chaotic result). Illyana commiserates, in her own way.

Danger, Danger Lockheed Robinson. )
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In which Jamie is the victim of a highly sneaky and devious plot aimed at his wardrobe, and Kitty bribes him into putting up with it. Afterward, they hit the food court, then go do the shopping Jamie originally thought they were there for.

Notebooks and pencils and all that good stuff are back thataway. )
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The log behind this post. Jean shows off her new swimsuit. Scott nearly drowns. They then prove that the pool has some sort of mystical field encouraging inappropriate public displays of affection. Kitty chooses a bad moment to step outside.

To hell with role models. )
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After seeing Jean come back from her inadvertant lake-exploding, Kitty manages to have a healthy emotional reaction regarding the not-so-late Dr. Grey and goes to see if she's ok. Of course, God forbid she do this by talking to Jean.

Kitty was worried about Jean? Kitty was acknowledging Jean's existence? )
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Manuel and Kitty are out sunbathing. He doesn't like what he feels inside of her, so he endeavors to help her change it the way deadheads do. He gets mixed results. Maybe, someday, she'll talk to him again.

Why are you angry, Katherine Pryde? )
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Bobby returns to Xavier's, and is greeted by an exuberant Kitty. Lots of bouncing and a bit of catching up.

You're home! All is well. )

Bobby goes walking by the lake to get a break from the squealing happy girls, and runs into another familiar face. And takes an impromptu swim, whether he wants to or not.

From Dorothy Gale to Peter Pan in 24 hours. )


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