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Forge pilfers his own medical records to discover a surprise about why he's been feeling odd for a while. Moira explains the surprising changes, and what they could mean.

Congratulations, ye've got a spleen again, 'tis a boy. )
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Jennie gets stitched up while Lorna keeps her company. And Moira discovers a clue as to what's wrong with Marius.

Oh, that daft bitch... )
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Drastic steps are taken, and, finally, something goes right.

Merci )
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It's a relaxing day for the MacTaggart/Dayspring/Kinross family (good grief) with everyone recovering from the last few days events. And then Rachel surprises them all in a very good way

We're all lucky. )
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Moira goes to talk to Haller about her decision about Muir and the fact that her schedule is going to be very odd from now on. But someone else needs to know first and then lunch is promised.

It's a promise. )
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One last job. Amanda has something for Moira.

Homecoming. )
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Around 4am New York time, Kit and Amanda meet with Curt at Muir. The resolution not to tell Moira about what's going on doesn't last very long, and some disturbing discoveries are made.

maybe he's got some twisted idea how to use this to get what he wants. Er, which is to live forever... )
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Backdated to Friday. Following his discussion with Kyle, Sam dashes down to the boathouse to talk to Moira about the rather disturbing theory his brain has provided.

Well, it ain't precisely a hypothetical question... )
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Haller goes to pay Moira a visit, and experiences one of those unexplainable encounters he's been hearing about for the last few days.

Nothing )
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After the argument with Doug, Forge has decided to sequester himself from the journal system and devote his time to working in his lab. Unfortunately, this means he's been completely ignorant of Marius' emergency. Moira decides it's time to make sure the boy's informed to avoid shock later. She mostly succeeds.

That can't be right. )

Shortly after, Forge tries to play detective with Marius' belongings, hoping something will spark his brain into action. Instead, it turns out to be Marius who fades into consciousness and has a quick conversation that reasserts Forge's complete lack of bedside manner of any sort.

I'm thinking vaporized sulfuric acid. Awesome. )
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Early Wednesday morning, a message of sorts is sent. It takes a rather unusual form, one that has a definite effect on the inhabitants of the boathouse.

Harbinger: n. one that indicates or foreshadows what is to come. )

Upon leaving the infirmary, Cain runs into Doug, who has translated the letters on the lake. Doug relates the message to Cain, who is remarkably nonplussed.

Elucidation: n. to make clear or plain by explanation )

While the message is translated, its sender shows up. At the front door, rather politely. A chat is had between the visitor, Cain, Moira, and Charles - and a request that is both deal and demand is put on the table for Cain to ponder.

Revelation: n. A disclosure of information not previously known or realized; an unveiling of hidden truths )
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After making sure Cain isn't going to run out of the Medlab first chance he gets, Moira goes to find Jim to make sure he's okay after the days events. A more than sore spot has been hit and while things aren't made better, it's easy to see why their relationship holds true.

Besides, when Moira was worried there was no escape. )
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Tuesday morning, Cain makes a quick supply run into town. Separately, Haller and Moira decide to show Kevin around Salem Center. The four of them meet up at a gas station on the way back to the school, and the addition of a fifth begins a chain reaction that begins to break down the unbreakable.

Schism: n. A separation or division into factions or parts; disunion or discord )
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Nathan and Moira get Rachel ready so that the three of them can head out for lunch, and discuss Moira's plans to commute via-Gulfstream to Muir. Clearly, this is something they've discussed for long enough to be perfectly comfortable with the arrangement. (See, Scott, workaholics can find a balance.)

Eyes away from the baby powder, devil-child... )


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