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Paige tries to get three of the students to safety but is penned in to a desperate ploy by Dark Phoenix

Read more... )
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Paige finds herself conflicted over her friend, and steps in to save him the only way she knows how.

If you esteem his soul before others, one day, you will be responsible for his replacement. )
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Kane gets briefed on another investigation, and has a run in with Paige.

No, but the body is pretty messed up. )
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Having escaped from medlab, Penance heads for the woods. Logan tracks her down. He's not having a good week.

~You can't hurt me.~ )


After the encounter with Logan, Paige steps in. Sometimes it's a matter of resonance.

It was too easy to relate. )
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It's Paige's first night at Alchemy, and she's using this time to get to know her fellow employees and the general working situation. What is Alchemy you ask? Why, it's a nightclub/stripjoint.

...you just figured it out, didn't you?

We get paid Fridays... )

(A shout out to the most beautiful creature of all, Silensy, for playing Sassy and coming up with the title. Love.)
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Paige has asked to be on rotation during the night. Scott decides to wake up when he's not supposed to. They dance around the issue before finally meeting headfirst; it's really not pretty. They haven't really solved anything, but they're halfway through the equation and both of them manage to sleep a little by the end. Count how many issues come up, just don't make it a drinking game unless you want to pass out.

As much as you seem to think you’ve jumped into backwards land, Scott, this is all still just as you left it. )
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Backdated to the end of May, a Friday.
Did you know Jono was the new music teacher? No? Yeah, it still surprises me too. Paige comes to see him after class. They fight, since every couple this summer needs to fight or get married, and then they're cozy. Paige is just so damn logical. Well, and hot. I could put this in x-project, but it sets up/explains some game canon, so. There you go.

Oh my god. You’re wearing a tie. )
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Once the trainees, Bobby and Jubilee arrive, they very quickly engage Peter. It's obvious he's not all there, in the head, and Shiro, Terry and Paige take him down as gently as anyone can take down a super-strong emotionally-damaged teenager.

Even though the sound of it // Is something quite atrocious // If you say it loud enough // You'll always sound precocious )

Jubilee and Bobby take on Francine. You'd think an old woman would be easy to deal with, but she has a tank. And a flamethrower? Where'd she get a flamethrower? Wal-Mart. It used to be a gas-powered weed-wacker.

If you won't scold and dominate us // We will never give you cause to hate us. )

The remaining four sneak into Francine's house, and find the children. A little nerves, a little electronic B&E, a little sneaking, some fat sheep and Skittles.

When you're with a sweep you're in glad company // Nowhere is there a more 'appier crew // Than them wot sings, Chim chim cher-ee, chim cher-oo! )

Francine would've almost gotten away, if not for those meddling kids! And their little expanding staff that was a gift from the Asgardian dwarves too. Okay, that was funnier in my head.

And now my life's ambitions go with one fell blow // It's quite a bitter pill to take. )
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Who: Nathan Morrow, Gail Collins, ADA Emerson, Paige, Lauren Collins, Moira McTaggert, The Judge
When: Friday, May 5th 2006 Time: Starting at 9am
What Happens: The Court case of Westchester County vs Lauren Olivia Collins

You know, once I'm out of here, I'm so writing a nasty letter to the newspaper about these guys. )
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Who: Nathan Morrow, Paige Guthrie, Lauren Collins, Helen Parker.
When: Backdated to Monday 1st May 2006 Time: 5:00pm
What Happens Paige conducts a little experiment to get a better idea of Laurie's powers and range.

Well, you have to pass a brain scan, first. )


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