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Paige tries to get three of the students to safety but is penned in to a desperate ploy by Dark Phoenix

Read more... )
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Paige finds herself conflicted over her friend, and steps in to save him the only way she knows how.

If you esteem his soul before others, one day, you will be responsible for his replacement. )
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Kane gets briefed on another investigation, and has a run in with Paige.

No, but the body is pretty messed up. )
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Thursday morning, the news stations are still talking about the disaster and nothing but. Two of the few remaining folks in the mansion run into each other and discuss one member of the relief effort that they both hold a common interest in.

That's my girl. )
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The log that never ends. Paige and Manuel have their dinner; it's an interesting conversation to say the least. We're still trying to figure out if Paige is really brave, or crazy, or sweet or just plain suicidal or...

I think I should just become a nun of Chemistry already and get it over with. )
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Out for some fresh air with his daughter after yesterday's excitement, Nathan is semi-flopped-upon by a Paige who's been working with her mutation a little too enthusiastically. The three of them have one of those odd yet entertaining conversations.

Hello, Rachel. I hear you're a baby. You look small enough to be one. How do you do? )
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Paige and Scott's talk, postponed due to that thing where they went out and the jet went boom, finally has a chance to occur, when Paige demands Scott work on his tan. Sort of. It takes a while, but she finally gets the words she needs. And then they are cute, surprisesurprise.

Next thing you'll be dragging me into non-fluorescent light and my mood might actually improve. Which we couldn't have, really, could we? )
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Manuel happens to catch Paige as she makes a clean-laundry run. They talk about his recent difficulty with Amanda and about Forge.

Oh, are you a sight for very sore eyes! )
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Forge comes downstairs to see Paige after this email. Things go downhill from there...

Shut up. Just shut the hell up. )


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