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In the Danger Room, Betsy engages in the long process of teaching Haller the art of avoiding death. Many tennis balls die for a half-learned lesson.

Again. )
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An unexpected visitor neatly removes ten years from Haller's projected lifespan.

Surprise, love. )
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Stories are told about some of the escapades of the rest of the party gang, beginning with Jean and Amanda's arrival through the sewers.

I can never leave the past behind )

Haller and Betsy use a telepathic diversion to trick Astrid Bloom, who's been keeping tabs on them.

Tonight I'm gonna bury that horse in the ground )

Garrison convinces Jane Hampshire to involve her father in the plot.

I can see no way )
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The White Court and their escorts arrive at the party.

All of the ghouls come out to play )

Wyngarde is slightly surprised by the appearance of some associates of Xavier's at the party and sics Astrid Bloom on them to make sure they aren't planning anything.

Shake it out )

The Black Court arrives at the party and Wyngarde and Strathdee reflect on their plan one last time before the proceedings start.

I'm always dragging that horse around )
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Wanda's determined that everyone have a good time, even grumpy old Nate. They play a bit of catchup and, of course, drink.

Happy belated birthday and Congratulations Haller Your Brain is In One Piece Day. )

What better to talk about during Possession Night then, well, possession? Cain and Wanda finally talk about what happened—or didn't happen—in the boathouse.

I will note that there was a distinct lack of naked or almost naked this time around. )

Tequila solves all problems. Not really but Nate sure is trying and Betsy feels the need to steal some.

Do you know the probability of being a mutant and getting possessed. )
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Backdated to Sunday morning after Charles' assessment, Betsy is left to face the madness head-on.

It never ends, never ends, never ends )
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After news of Haller's "episode" gets back to the school a retrieval party is scrambled. Cain and Wanda go after Cyndi. Mark, on the other hand, has no clue what the hell is going on.

Living lives just like deer in headlights )

Lorna, Betsy, and Nate find themselves with slightly less cooperative targets. Violence happens.

Terrified, blind, and wait to die )

Back at the brownstone and waiting for the rest to return, Snow Valley's resident profiler finds herself in the care of a familiar face -- and one who is less so.

I wonder when they'll come get me )


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