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In the Danger Room, Betsy engages in the long process of teaching Haller the art of avoiding death. Many tennis balls die for a half-learned lesson.

Again. )
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An unexpected visitor neatly removes ten years from Haller's projected lifespan.

Surprise, love. )
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Stories are told about some of the escapades of the rest of the party gang, beginning with Jean and Amanda's arrival through the sewers.

I can never leave the past behind )

Haller and Betsy use a telepathic diversion to trick Astrid Bloom, who's been keeping tabs on them.

Tonight I'm gonna bury that horse in the ground )

Garrison convinces Jane Hampshire to involve her father in the plot.

I can see no way )
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The White Court and their escorts arrive at the party.

All of the ghouls come out to play )

Wyngarde is slightly surprised by the appearance of some associates of Xavier's at the party and sics Astrid Bloom on them to make sure they aren't planning anything.

Shake it out )

The Black Court arrives at the party and Wyngarde and Strathdee reflect on their plan one last time before the proceedings start.

I'm always dragging that horse around )
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Scott's finally out of Amelia's clutches the makeshift greenhouse-infirmary and back in his own suite. Betsy stops in to see him before she heads back to New York. This conversation goes a whole lot better than their last.

I didn't mean to disturb you. )
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Remy and Betsy capture two of the people involved in Romany's capture. They've been trained to resist torture and psychic reading. Unfortunately for them, Remy's the creative type...

Betts, can you get out here before the kidnappers make me very dead? )
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Betsy stops by the hospital to try and debrief Nathan, now that he's conscious. It goes a little better than Jean's attempt to scan his mind, but it's still not particularly informative.

There has to be a reason. There's always a reason. )
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Betsy Braddock helps to debrief Maverick and find out exactly what he's on the run from, and what's chasing him. It's not pleasant.

Shall we get started then? )
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Terry follows up her fight with Alison with a run and a flirtation with dehydration. Bobby comes to her rescue.

Talking about it meant thinking about it and she would just get mad all over again. )

Thursday night finds Terry coping in a time honored fashion, one that Betsy knows a bit about.

Perspective was a clever bitch. )
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This log takes place before Maverick. As you can see, thursday started off with the best of intentions.

Raincheck? )


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