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After his appointment, Scott makes time to give Jamie a going-away present: one last flying lesson. They each manage to say a few things the other needed to hear.

I seem to remember promising you this... )
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One of the search teams had to get lucky at some point. Kurt and Jamie, in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming, are the fortunate pair.

What I wouldn't give for some X-ray vision to see inside. )

Inside the missile silo, Scott's sinking fast, but Charles, with Kurt and Jamie's help, throws him a lifeline. It works - for a little while.

Waiting for the cavalry... )
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Jamie and Rogue finally run into each other over sandwiches and make light conversation about nontraumatic kinds of mayhem.

They also strike a deal that may seriously inhibit the new students' ability to get away with things. But hey, everybody needs a challenge in their lives.

We are, when we stop to think about it, very odd people. )
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After a long and wonderful anniversary day, Jamie and Kitty retire to the treehouse; they are both nervous, they are both thinking about the future . . . and then they find out that they've both been planning to propose. Which pretty much makes the answer moot, but they say it anyway.

But I do know one thing: where you go is where I want to be )
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Rahne, out for a run, finds Jamie stressing about an important decision, and because she is quite possibly the most patient person at the mansion short of Professor Xavier himself, lets him ramble at her until he feels better.

You'll tell me if I start muttering and hissing and referring to myself in the third person, won't you? )
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Jamie and Scott have a conversation while they cool down from a successful hand-to-hand session. Jamie's coming along nicely, and Scott (being, after all, Scott) has some advice for him to help continue the trend.

Yes, but why give the short answer when I can give a lecture? You know me. )
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Late Afternoon, Jamie and Lorna fix dinner, joking around and mutilating classic rock. Until Lorna gets a phone call with some bad news.

It's not like we do it every day. Only on special occasions. )

Scott's wandering intersects with Lorna's grieving at Harry's. They banter but neither have much heart for it.

Heart attack, crise cardiaque. )
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Lorna plays senior officer to Haller and Jamie on a Danger Room run, which is reasonably successful in spite of the aspect that makes her want to rip their CO's spine out and beat him with it.

I hate this. So. Much. )
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Once the trainees, Bobby and Jubilee arrive, they very quickly engage Peter. It's obvious he's not all there, in the head, and Shiro, Terry and Paige take him down as gently as anyone can take down a super-strong emotionally-damaged teenager.

Even though the sound of it // Is something quite atrocious // If you say it loud enough // You'll always sound precocious )

Jubilee and Bobby take on Francine. You'd think an old woman would be easy to deal with, but she has a tank. And a flamethrower? Where'd she get a flamethrower? Wal-Mart. It used to be a gas-powered weed-wacker.

If you won't scold and dominate us // We will never give you cause to hate us. )

The remaining four sneak into Francine's house, and find the children. A little nerves, a little electronic B&E, a little sneaking, some fat sheep and Skittles.

When you're with a sweep you're in glad company // Nowhere is there a more 'appier crew // Than them wot sings, Chim chim cher-ee, chim cher-oo! )

Francine would've almost gotten away, if not for those meddling kids! And their little expanding staff that was a gift from the Asgardian dwarves too. Okay, that was funnier in my head.

And now my life's ambitions go with one fell blow // It's quite a bitter pill to take. )
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Jamie has his first simulated flight experience. For a first try, it's not bad, but we're probably all glad they weren't in a real plane. Scott reminisces about some of his own flights, given the avidly receptive audience.

Your words do not fill me with glee, sir. This is me, sans glee. )
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Something very strange is happening at the Friends of Humanity headquarters in Manhattan. Tonight appears to be a night for irony, as the X-Men receive an official request for assistance from the city.

I want to be onsite within the hour. )

Ororo recruits Tommy's assistance, as the person in the house most familiar with the building in question. Tommy is suspicious, but willing once Ororo makes the situation clear.

I'll help you. As long as no one is harmed. )

Arriving on-site, Ororo and Scott assess the situation. Things are a lot weirder than they had expected.

What... the... FUCK. )

Back at the mansion, Cain runs comms, with Tommy on hand to provide information about the building when necessary.

You do your job and I'll do mine. )

Back in Manhattan, Kurt and Nathan work on the evacuation. Image inducers are wonderful things in situations like this. So is telekinesis.

I said STOP that! )

Jamie handles his first trainee deployment swimmingly, even managing the witty banter with Jim. Then something odd happens.

Now why don't you flounce your bigoted ass down to the fire escape and congregate in the shelter we've set up outside, please and thank you, and the same to your mother as well, I'm sure. )

Lorna, evacuating more FoH staff, is recognized. Fortunately all concerned decide that this isn't the time.

She wasn't just a mutant. She was worse. )

Scott checks in with Jim as more X-Men start vanishing. Jim tries to be helpful and scan the mind of the mutant doing this. It doesn't work very well. Jim needs to stop getting in touch with his inner Nathan.

We lost another one? Who? )

Back at the mansion, Cain gets the news that the telepathic switchboard is gone and something's eating X-Men.

I'm the low-tech solution. )

Scott gets directed over to help Shiro. The two of them meet what's eating X-Men. Scott gets away. Shiro does not.

There is no end to this! )
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Sunday, Jamie undertakes a dangerous mission. Make Lorna stop stressing for ten minutes. He does this through a cunning plan involving grabbing her and driving off into the countryside.

You /are/ annoying. And goofy looking. )
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Out and about in the city, Jane decides to have a little fun and Jamie is the closest target. How well this one goes for either of them would be hard to judge.

he was such a temptingly easy target )
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Nathan introduces Jamie to the shiny, shiny simulation table and the concept of the tactical review.  After a few false starts, Jamie manages to display some decent insights for a beginner.

Like the nifty visual aid? )
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After being picked up at the airport by Alison, Lorna hides out in Alison's suite. Jamie and Alison take turns keeping watch over her. Jamie provides ice cream and some perspective. Lorna has her own perspective to offer on the matter of Jean's departure. Backdated.

Peruvian carrots don't carry themselves you know. )
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In which Jamie does his very best to break in the new student counselor, but unfortunately Haller is more-or-less immune to trauma, having built up a significant tolerance over the years.  They have a long and somewhat rambly conversation and find that they generally get along.

Also, if anybody was wondering why all the leftover ice cream disappears, read on! )


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