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He's not a genius, or a doctor, or a superhero, but you don't always need to be to help out: some time after Kitty vanishes into the server room to crunch code, Jamie brings her food and support and manages to strike a balance between giving her space to work and not letting her work herself into the ground.

And he steals a cookie, because sometimes you just have to steal a cookie.

No food was spilled on delicate computer equipment during the making of this log. )
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After visiting Akron, Ohio's Mechanical Barbie and the Band of Many Kens (second from the bottom), Jamie and Kitty return to the car to find that not everyone is happy with the whole "road trip" concept.

Everybody else got to go out. Even The 'Yana, who was clearly insane, was allowed to go out. )
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In which Jamie is the victim of a highly sneaky and devious plot aimed at his wardrobe, and Kitty bribes him into putting up with it. Afterward, they hit the food court, then go do the shopping Jamie originally thought they were there for.

Notebooks and pencils and all that good stuff are back thataway. )
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During the BBQ, people get splashed of course, which is always bound to happen. Alison won't be wearing a white shirt near the water again for some time, now though, and Jamie realizes that not remembering stuff is still sometimes a clear indication of things leaving a mark.

Jamie. Could you please get me a towel? )
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Thursday afternoon. In which Jamie goes to find Miles for one of the usual "hey, new food" sessions (Spicy Duck Empanadas this time) and talk both serious and not ensues.

Doug can make all the war on his taste buds he wants, but some of us can live without a scorched-earth policy, eh? )
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In which Jamie is a true saint among men: a twitchy-from-Thermopylae Alison throws him halfway across the garage, and he still lets her drive his car. Also, they share worries about the vehicle's previous owner.

Return of Mustang Therapy )
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Jamie manages to track down the elusive Great Crested Paige and, by dint of shiny car, he convinces her that she is not in fact universally hated.  I know, I know, I'm sure you're all as shocked as she was.

Edited to add: hey, isn't that a spiffy icon? Alicia did it. She's nifty.

Let's just call it Mustang Therapy. )
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Before all the snow is quite gone, Jamie and Kitty go out sledding. It's the conversation that does the most going downhill, however, as they take a straight dive right into the innuendo and only manage three runs down the hill before adjourning back to the house for a shower and considerable et cetera. Basically fluff. :)

It's always the bets with these two. )
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So very very backdated. Got lost somewhere and forgot to post it. Jamie and Doug have a discussion about the fact that Doug has put two and two together about recent events in Jamie's relationship with Kitty.

'Course, then we run the risk of all our ex-spies reading the signal wrong and haring off to blow up Canada or something. )
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The day Forge makes a controversial journal post, Jamie is in the kitchen grilling up some steaks for Amanda, when Lorna happens by.  They talk about Magneto, some, and then segue into a bewildering variety of conversational topics on the theme of "giving each other crap."

Invisible lobster butt aliens with lasers. )
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. . . and I'm not finishing the line, because the only halfway-appropriate rhyme for "castle" is "wrassle," and that's not entirely the right mood here. ;)  At Muir, before Proteus comes calling, Kitty and Jamie take advantage of the private room and thick stone walls to take a step they've both been thinking about for some time.  Or, to put it less tactfully, Kitty gets fed up with waiting for Jamie to make a move, sneaks into his room, and jumps him.

A First Time For Everything. A Second, Too. )
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After seeing Alison, Lorna heads off to the kitchen where she encounters Nathan. Since that's one of the people she needed to see, she's quite delighted. She asks him a favor and to his own surprise, Nathan says yes.

You have the same look you did when you called me in to do the 'Look at what I can do with your coins NOW!' demonstration. What are you plotting? )

With that problem solved and Nathan off to his appointment, Lorna starts dinner. Jamie, who has been told by Alison that Lorna wants to talk to him, comes down to see what's up.

Alison mentioned something about you deserting your post for sunny sands and shirtless Summers? )
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Set Tuesday morning, around 5am. In which Alison, after having caught up with events after her stint in iso, nabs Angelo in the medlab and packs him off to bed before going to find Nathan in the greenhouse.

She'd left Angelo quietly watching for the better part, but now that things were quieting down, the list of Things To Do was getting worked out. )


Tuesday, mid- morning. Alison and Lorna continue patching up their friendship this time through the power of discussing their respective romantic relationships.

'Food? For me? Joy!' 'No, ninny, I'm just telling you about it so that I can mock you when I take it away again.' )


Around noon. Jamie finally kicks himself in the butt (we do not want to know if this happened literally, thank you) and goes to see Alison. They talk about many things, including Manuel (only, not everything about Manuel), Magneto, and purple cows.

'I never saw a purple cow. I hope I never see one. But I can tell you anyhow, I'd rather see than be one.' )


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