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Closure, Part 1: Having gone to Muir Island as arranged, Amanda sees Manuel for the first time in just short of a year.

Some time ago I checked my conscience/ And found it wasn't all that clean. )


Immediately after seeing Manuel, Amanda talks to Angelo. He doesn't tell her what she wants to hear, but what she needs to hear.

It's time for me to face the music/ It's time to undo all this harm. )
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Manuel takes one of the bigger necessary steps towards creating a life for himself outside of Xavier's.

I can be subtle when the situation calls for it. )
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OOC: Backdated to Dec 7 because we were bad and forgot to post it.

Manuel runs into Dani late at night in an effort to avoid poeple. This works well since Dani is also avoiding people. They talk about recent events and Manuel's moving out. Dani manages to not go crazy but only barely.

'Coping' was something other people did. )
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Scott calls Manuel into his office to discuss the situation with Tommy. The conversation goes downhill from there, and Scott finally admits Manuel is a lost cause.

Tommy Jones tried to kill himself this weekend )
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Traitor meets Empath who gives him a 'gift'. But gifts are judged in the eyes of the beholder.

There's no shelter from the storm inside of me )
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Manuel, in an attempt to escape the unwelcome warm feelings in the Mansion, takes advantage of his 21-years-of-age status and gets stinking drunk. Upon his return, Nathan takes it upon himself to escort the young empath back up to his room. Manuel blabbers about what he's done wrong and tries to take responsibility for things that are arguably out of his control.

Easy is for people who aren't us. )
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Danielle comes to Manny looking for someone to help her through all of the restless ghosts stirred up by Madelyn and Hank's announcement. Manuel's all too willing to help in whatever way he can. They go out to a field to minimize danger to others, then once she's feeling more stable they go get a bite to eat and hit the clubs. Danielle overindulges in the demon alcohol and gives Manuel an early birthday gift he won't soon forget. Backdated to 18th of November.

Anything so she didn't have to think. )
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After being persuaded not to take a crescent wrench to the knees of the mansion's resident Latin Lothario, Forge goes out on a limb and tries a more diplomatic solution. Of course, there's the macho posturing equivalent of Mutual Assured Destruction, but it's followed by gentlemanly talk.

What say you put down your empathy, and I'll put down my technology, and we can converse like gentlemen? )
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One Night In BangkokNew York

Manuel and Bobby, shortly after returning from their night out in the clubs, retire to Manny's chamber for a litte ... sport. Things get hot - and cold.

LOG RATING: NC-17. Reason: M/M sexual contact.

Can't be too careful with your company )
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After taking Bobby out clubbing the night before, Manuel moves on to the other half of the couple and seduces Terry.
Warnings: Long. Also, sex.

I am so sorry, Teresa. I wish I didn't have to be the one to tell you this. )

Monday morning, after a miserable Sunday, Terry is still hiding in her room. Bobby, guilty following the events of the weekend, comes to find her and apologize.

I don't care what happened, with you and him. )
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One Night in BangkokNew York

Manuel decides to entertain himsel with some Bobby and some clubbing. But first, he has to convince Robert. He's very good at this.

She's Irish, we're drinking Jamison's. it's like mother's milk to her. )
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Dani's powers continue to get further out of hand when she and Manuel scratch an itch. Warning: disturbing imagery.

Let me go! )

After leaving Manuel in her suite, Dani runs to Forge's room for comfort. He does everything but try to help and only makes everything worse.

Put the wrench down! )
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Manuel eventually comes out of his room, at which point he is ambushed by the new kid. Inevitably, the conversation degenerates into rating the female members of the school.

Shall I do a little dance for you, then? )
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Back at the hotel, Forge, Marius and Jennie discuss the situation, get into the minibar - and then hear about the monorail.

Unreal. This is worse'n World Cup. )

The riot, at last, burns itself out. Shiro runs into the young woman he encountered almost twenty-four hours earlier. Wanda and Nathan collapse at the hangar, while Marie-Ange and Jubilee long for showers and an hungover Manuel arrives with the other students from the hotel.

Bangs and whimpers. )

At the hospital, Alex arrives via teleportation and finds Jean in the waiting room. Shared worry and apologies are on the menu for the evening.

Where is he? What's going on? )

On the flight back, Cain plays pillow.

Well-deserved rest. )

After arriving back at the mansion, Nathan finds Moira waiting up for him. They agree that there will be no more field trips for him, and he shares the news about Scott.

Time to turn off CNN. Finally. )


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