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Set just after Recovery, Part I. Manuel makes like Barry White, and finds a receptive audience indeed. Non-explicit but suggestive.

Sexual healing. )
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Manuel buries Frank and does a little housecleaning as a form of coping. Danielle keeps him company.

You of all people should appreciate this. )
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In the midst of drama... melodrama! Actually, no - Manuel drops by after his shopping trip with Dani, deciding it's time to find out just where his relationship with Amanda stands. He's probably more satisfied with where they end up than she is.

Even though I'm the sacrifice/ you won't try for me, not now/ Though I'd die to know you love me/ I'm all alone. )
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Manuel promised to take Danielle shopping a couple days ago, so they are. He teaches her to walk in heels and they end the outing on a very risque note. There might be a girly girl trying to get out...or not.

I wanna be a supermodel! )
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After swapping emotional traumas for a few hours last night, Forge and Manuel meet up in the gym and straighten a few things out. A favor is asked for, and granted, and a sort of friendly detente is formed.

We lie to each other so much, now in nothing we trust. )
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The log that never ends. Paige and Manuel have their dinner; it's an interesting conversation to say the least. We're still trying to figure out if Paige is really brave, or crazy, or sweet or just plain suicidal or...

I think I should just become a nun of Chemistry already and get it over with. )
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Scott picks Manuel up after his successful driver's test. All due congratulations are delivered. There is no hugging this time. A certain amount of thoughtful conversation, however...

I may have facilitated, with the lessons, but you're the one who mastered the skills plus a new country's traffic laws. )
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Manuel happens to catch Paige as she makes a clean-laundry run. They talk about his recent difficulty with Amanda and about Forge.

Oh, are you a sight for very sore eyes! )
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Domino, having resurfaced from New York and come back to see the baby, runs into Manuel, who's a little surprised to see her in such a good mood but isn't in a particularly good one himself.

So why precisely are you being so sour? Is the wee little mite sucking away the attention you crave? )
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Manuel walked down the hallway from the boy's dorm rooms to the Kitchen. He was hungry, and a brief snack before going back to hitting the books would suit him just fine. Or, rather, it would have had he not been slapped with the tightly-controlled sensations of loss, regret, and pain coming from someone down the hall and around the corner.

Manuel slowed and leaned up against the wall, to catch his breath and to reinforce his shields. Someone was bleeding inside, and it was like acid along Manuel's nerves.

The source of the woe and misery quickly became apparent as Angelo rounded the corner. He had his shoulders slumped - even more than normal for the boy with six feet of extra skin. He had his eyes downcast, and he took small, shuffling steps. But most obviously of all was the black emotions he was radiating. He was the source of what Manuel had felt earlier.

He could have erased it - hell, he could make the boy dance and sing and weep for the joy in life. But instead, he walked towards the Mexican, pausing when he got close enough to put his hand on the other man's shoulder.

"Usted curarĂ¡ de esto, ese."(1) he whispered in Spanish, giving Angelo's shoulder a brief squeeze before continuing down the hall towards the Kitchen.

(1) "You will heal from this.", according to the Fish. Blame them, not me, if the translation sucks.
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After sleeping through dinner, Jennie goes in search of a snack, and meets everyone's favorite Empath. Not quite what you'd expect.

I vigorously deny any rumors that I strangle puppies or worship Satan )
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Manuel and Kitty are out sunbathing. He doesn't like what he feels inside of her, so he endeavors to help her change it the way deadheads do. He gets mixed results. Maybe, someday, she'll talk to him again.

Why are you angry, Katherine Pryde? )
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Amanda having cried herself to sleep after the events involving Charlie, with Manuel by her side, Meggan slips away from her sitters and goes looking for her Manda. She's not pleased to find Manuel there, nor is he especially thrilled to see her, but for Amanda's sake they both behave.

You here to help Manda feel better? )
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Manuel arrives for his lesson. Nathan is waiting, and not feeling much more kindly towards Manuel than he was the previous night. Lusanya does put in an appearance, if looking rather most ghostlike than usual, and the whole conversation does not end at all well.

So, did you enjoy yourself last night? )
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Betsy visits the garage, adoring the new look on an old friend when she's interrupted by Manuel.

Slowdance on the Inside. )


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