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Nathan and Jim clean up after lunch out in the boathouse with Moira and Rachel. They chat about various things, including Jim's new code name, before they're both interrupted by their beepers.

Hopefully everyone's too polite to point out the obviously weird logic hole that the Jewish guy's referencing the New Testament. I'm just not that creative. )
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Nathan picks a meeting with the UN ambassador from Oman to come to a partial - and very public - resolution on the matter that's been bothering him all week. Angelo and Joel are a little startled, but generally supportive.

Getting off the fence. )
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After a frustrating meeting at the UN, Angelo is a bit startled and worried when Nathan has something of a small disagreement with a table. They retire to the Ambassador Grill for a late lunch, and Angelo doesn't find the explanation behind Nathan's bad mood much more reassuring.

Slippery slopes. )
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Angelo finds Nathan collapsed on the couch in his living quarters and they talk for a bit about such things as altitude sickness and hallucinations, before Nathan falls asleep.

It's not my fault my brain is high-maintenance. )
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At the end of another working day, Nathan invites Angelo to stick around the boathouse for dinner, since Moira and Rachel are on Muir. The two of them set about cooking, while Angelo asks some questions about what he's been reading in the team files. The discussion is quite productive, but then Nathan gets a phone call that changes his plans for the week rather dramatically.

Interrupted stir-frys. )
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Purchase made, Nate now has only to convince her of his good intentions - easier said than done.

~Please... why are you doing this?~ )
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It's morning in Asadabad, and Nate heads out to the market. Not too surprisingly, his attention is caught by one of Afghanistan's less-than-legal goods, and he makes an offer the seller can't refuse.

~How much?~ )
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At the hotel, Angelo checks in on Nathan and finds him sound asleep at his laptop. He's in the process of pulling the blinds when the furniture in the room starts to move. And no, it's not an earthquake.

Nate! Wake up! )
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Nathan and Bobby decide to try and make use of their 'day off' in Asadabad and see if they can talk their way into possession of hard copies of any records on child disappearances in the area.

Sometimes you had to play bureaucrat. )
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Around lunchtime in Mexico, Nathan arrives at the hospital - only to find Julio not there, and a lot of very suspicious property damage of a type that can't be blamed on a boy with seismic powers. A panicked Luis finds him and relays the 'man with a helmet' rumor. Nathan calls the mansion.

Evil and good are everywhere, like shadow and substance. )
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Not knowing where else to turn to get help for his son, Luis Richter calls an old friend. Nathan promises to be on the first plane for Mexico the next morning.

The training of children is a profession where we must know to lose time in order to gain it. )
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Val Cooper arrives at the mansion with a request for the X-Men, complete with a message from the President. When she tells them what's going on, Ororo, Kurt, Lorna, Nathan and Jim all find themselves very disposed to be helpful.

For it's Tommy this an' Tommy that, an' 'Chuck 'im out, the brute!' / But it's 'Savior of 'is country,' when the guns begin to shoot. )
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At a small Waldenbooks in New York City, Forge's book hits the shelves and he's there to sign a few copies. Nathan, Lorna, Kyle, and Jennie all come along - as do two members of the Brotherhood in disguise.

He doesn't like traitors, John. )
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Nathan, Angelo, and Ellen are attempting to get some work done. Rachel, who settled down for a brief nap after her earlier upset, wakes up - with a vengeance. Ellen meets the metaphorical straw that breaks the camel's back. Nathan fires her.

I can't work like this! Either you keep that little monster under control or- )
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Some time after this log, Nathan stops down in Forge's lab to see if he'll tweak the sensors in Rachel's nursery this week. Rachel is much more settled than she was. Forge is showing signs of severe workaholic tendencies. Nathan notices.

I have exactly as many minutes as everyone else, Mr. D. )
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Who: Charles Xavier, Gail Collins
When: Tuesday 25th April 2006 Time: 1pm
Summary: Gail calls Xavier for help after her daughter is arrested in relation to a semi-riot at Salem Center Highschool.
Lyrics: 'Better get a Lawyer' by the Cruel Sea

And the Officer said/Better get a lawyer son/Better get a real good one. )

Who: Nathan Morrow, Gail Collins
When: Tuesday 25th April 2006 Time: 3pm
Summary: Nathan meets Gail Collins for the first time as she's having words with one of the boys in blue.

I'm Nathan Morrow, from Xavier's. The lawyer Charles mentioned to you on the phone. )

Who: Laurie Collins, Nathan Morrow
When: Tuesday 25th April 2006 Time: 5:00pm
Summary: Nathan meets Laurie for the first time, and then talk about exactly what happened at the school.

My name's Nathan. I've just been out talking to your mother. Are you all right? )


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