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Flying solo at a perfectly ordinary charity function, Nathan makes a new acquaintance. The problem is, she has the advantage of him.

I've heard of you. Your work. )
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Nathan comes back from a meeting in the city to a voicemail message from someone he really doesn't want to talk to, and a certain amount of well-meaning pressure from Angelo about why he's avoiding who he's avoiding.

I'm amazed he managed to get that out without laughing. )
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Pietro runs into Nathan in the middle of the festivities. Differing perspectives or not, they both agree that it's turned into quite a remarkable day.

God help you if you drop any of them, you lunatic. )
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Nathan and Kurt watch the morning news in Budapest, and see the events in Parliament live.

Makes me wish I understood the language. )
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After the memorial, Nathan and Jean share a quiet moment overlooking one of Budapest's more historic sites.

I'm glad we came. )

Later, after dinner at Barath's house, several mutants share a moment in the garden, on the eve of history.

You should tell them. They're really rather good at keeping secrets. Remember where they live. )
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Nathan takes Sooraya out to see some of the sights. When they reach Heroes' Square, the conversation turns rather philosophical.

Listen to me, I'm quoting the Great Man theory. )
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Crystal and Nathan chat at the hotel on Margaret Island.

I didn't take any vacation at all last summer. Bad call, really. )
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Nathan and Angelo get somewhat frustrating news. But what's a problem for Elpis may be even more significant, in a different way, for someone else.

Do we need a new phone? )
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Times Square. Entertainment center of the universe. Where else would you expect carnivorous tourists to head for?

You're going to get as many people out of here as you can and I'm going to...stop the dinosaurs. Uh...somehow. )

Giant bugs. They're not just for the jungle anymore. Somehow, a can of Raid ain't going to cut it.

Since when did the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj open? )

When besieged by a superior force, Thermopylae was held by 300 Spartans. The Queensboro Bridge gets... two.

Cutting 'em in half don't count for two! )

And batting cleanup...

It would seem rather bizarre to him afterwards that he could handle ghosts from the future and the concept of demons, but not dinosaurs. )
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Rahne shows up at the boathouse to do some work and finds Nathan reading the letters he brought back from San Francisco. Sometimes what you need to move on is simple, other times it's more complicated. The only important thing is finding it.

Truth like the sun, submits to be obscured; but like the sun, only for a time. )
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Medusa goes to drop something off at the Elpis office before heading home for Easter weekend. She finds Nathan squinting on the porch.

No, running around in black leather actually seems to be quite stress inducing.  )

Medusa runs into Kurt as she finishes waiting for her ride home.

But...this is not home. Attilan is and always will be. )
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Nathan drags himself back to the mansion, but is clearly still preoccupied by familial matters. Angelo lends a listening ear.

I'll go get the Tylenol. Or maybe Alka-Seltzer? )
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Well after the 'festivities' in the wine cellar, Kurt comes across Nathan sorting through some more of his inheritance.

Try not to do yourself any further damage between here and the bedroom. )
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At Ororo's request, Pietro and Kurt make their way to San Francisco to check on Nathan. She didn't precisely mean for them to join him, but sometimes there's nothing to do but drink to mutual evil-parent issues.

I don't remember inviting either of you. )
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Ororo gets a slightly alarming phone call from Nathan, who's at his father's house in San Francisco having a scotch-assisted catharsis and trying to set off the smoke alarms. (Yes, really.)

Munroe, I have defused nuclear weapons more drunk than this. )


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