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Jean and Scott run into Longshot at the Red-X Charity Benefit. A bit drunk, Jean confronts him about his presence on Avalon, to which he has no memory of. Sam runs into Spiral.

Wait, am I being pranked? You almost got me. )
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A run-in on the basketball court leads to... Sam's pickup. Because where else would it end with these two?

I gotta warn you though, I'm... I'm actually pretty bad, heh. )
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Sam and Angel take to the skies for some good old-fashioned flying fun.

Cheater! )
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Wrestling with her faith and Angelo recent revelations, she seeks out someone who might be able to help her figure things out.

"If you pull away once building block, what is there to stop the whole building from crumbling?"  )
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After the FoH meeting, two individuals carry out Reed's wishes. Things got complicated, however, and they don't go quite as planned.

Never seen a jailbreak before, hayseed? )
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After church Sam and his family run into an unexpected - and unpleasant - surprise. Things heat up and Sam does something he regrets.

You shouldn't had done that Guthrie...you'll pay for that. )
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After landing in Kentucky, Mrs. Guthrie picks up the new arrivals and brings them back to the homestead, where she promptly tries to feed them.

You all want a snack or an early supper? )
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Nightcrawler and Wildchild deal with Purifiers so that Meltdown and Hubba (Vance) can deal with bombs.

After this, we are never going anywhere ever again... )

Meltdown and Hubba plus bomb squad.

Log Placeholder )

Firestar and Cannonball rescue people swept off the bridge, and stop some of the panicked crowd from going swimming.

Not a great day for a swim, is it? )
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Kurt and Sam talk to the concert coordinater, Benni and Guido about the events of the next couple days. And get treated to the story of just HOW Guido got his First Ave star...

Good venues, good bands, it's gonna be a helluva good time. )

Scott, Dori and Monkey Joe meet with Big Bertha a bit later and get the security fill in. And inform her that no, they did not bring Garrison.

No, Mister Garrison isn't here. No, I didn't bring locker room photos. No, I'm not doing that. )


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